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  1. Successfully turning R-Truth face again

    We read the rumours: When R-Truth returns from his suspension to to trangressing the wellnesspolicy, he'll be back as a face. Is that possible to do and still keep him interesting? I think so!

    Let's for a minute forget that trainload of failure which was the old R-Truth as a face, and consentrate on why he has become so much fun after becoming a heel. His promos, and the way they give ...
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  2. Christian & R-Truth: Former TNA Stars as WWE/World Champ

    Hey guys wassup. Man the IWC is buzzing right now and for good reason. We have an unbelievable Extreme Rules PPV in the making. Two new maineventers who are actually old in age. Christian & R-Truth, both are true wrestlers whom have paid their dues are finally getting the push they deserve.

    After watching Christian win the 20-Man Battle Royal for the chance to face Del Rio for ...

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