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  1. Random Thoughts: An Arduous Raw 8-5-13

    Well, after two straight TNA blogs it’s time to pick on RAW, which tends to get a bit exhausting. Usually I do these blogs one of three ways:

    1) Take notes on all segments shown and organize them in a blog later.
    2) During commercial breaks, write on the segment that I just saw. When you see my blogs timestamped an hour after the show ends, this is usually what I’ve done.

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  2. The Musings of a Duck. Episode 2: Eat. Pray. Push?

    With the fine month of May finally drawing to it's conclusion, I felt I part deux of my 'Musings of a Duck' was needed.

    For those who haven't read my previous blog, this is where I look at what's been on my mind recently, both wrestling and non-wrestling wise. So let's do this!

    1. Silly Superstars
    This past week has been dominated by the ill-doings of Chris Jericho ...
  3. Kane: The Devils Favourite On/Off Demon

    Hey guys, this is the first ever blog I've posted on any wrestling forum of any kind, so i apologise if it's bad plus i wanted to steer away from all the wrestlemania posts But anyway.

    Glenn Jacobs better known as Kane has had quite a career, but he has had nowhere near the career he could have had.

    The Monsters Early Days

    The Kane character made his debut diving

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  4. Over The Limit True Main-event: Christian and Orton

    Over the Limit had a strong card. Everyone knew that. That the ppv delivered in places was no surprise. However, just like the WWE at large these days, there was a let-down or two. Unfortunately, and again, just like the WWE in general these days, those let-downs might have been in bad places. For example The botch with Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero to finish the match (ok not a total one but that last ...

    Updated 05-23-2011 at 09:10 AM by Frank

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