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  1. Thom Hodkinson's Pointless Opinions IV: MITB

    Welcome once again to another blog of my utterly shite musings on the World of Wrest... Sports Entertainment...
    This time around, I have decided to go through the WWE Roster and see who'd be ideal for working the Money In The Bank's namesake match. There's no particular order to be had here, and I shall not group the individuals into different matches, this is just a list of guys that I think ...

    Updated 06-25-2013 at 07:38 PM by ThomHodkinson

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  2. Superstars to look out for

    Superstars to look out for in the future


    This guy powered his way into my favourite 5 within 2 weeks and even though he has only had squash match’s at the minute and still has a long way to go mainly he has to prove he can sell and has mic skills but think Ryback could be a champion be Intercontinental or United States champion by the end of the year if not ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions

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