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  1. Marketing Royal Rumble XXVI and Making it Memorable

    Alright hello out there to all wrestling fans far and wide.
    I am the one and only T-Hughes35 back today with my latest entry, Presnted by:

    Today I would like to talk about an idea that I have that can really be turned into something big by WWE and leave a really big impact on it’s fan base. This can be something that can really show not only us wrestling ...
  2. One simple solution to usher the WWE into modern life

    I am not going to go on and on and on about what we already know, that despite all the good happening with Mania coming up and some of the good things we see, that WWE is clearly ailing. Not in the terms of what we see on TV, big screen sets, lots of pyro, all of that presentation. What is ailing though more than anything, is identity. It is the one thing that they have been trying to re-find ...
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  3. Why I feel the Crowd is not into the WWE as Much as they Used to be - Part One

    Hello, and welcome to my second blog Why I feel the Crowd is not into the WWE as much as they Used to be where I will discuss key components to what went wrong, why I don't blame the fans, and how it can be fixed and no, it's not PG.

    First off and most important is the Music for each wrestlers entrance, that is what truly sets the tone for each wrestler a like, and gives fans ...
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  4. What Makes Great Entrance Muisc

    Lets face it people, in the mainstream area of wrestling, a wrestlers theme music is just as important as the character itself, if not more.

    Tt harolds their coming, it signals defeat for their opponent in the eyes of that wrestlers fans, and it for the most part, helps add to the gimmick.

    There are some theme songs people just consider bad, and often, for good reason, ...

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