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  1. If I Planned Next Week's Raw

    Sup wrestling buds. Now my last blog was terrible to alot of you viewers, but I respect your thoughts and opinions, so I will try to make it up to yall with if I was planning Monday Night Raw. Some of you may say "Oh gosh, this loser planning Raw? It would be terrible." Haha. But just please read this and do not be afriad to voice your opinions and thoughts.

    Opening Segement-CM ...
  2. Piper's Pit: Showstealler of Wrestlemania?

    We all know Cena vs. The Rock is going to close up Wrestlemania, but what match will really shine this year? Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk and The Hell in a Cell match would be most people's answer, but what about the undercard?

    The tag-team match is horribly frowned upon among the IWC, but if it were actually to be elimination rules, it could be amazingly made to define the WWE and actually ...
  3. What Happened to Number One Contender Matches?

    Hope your all doing well. This is Cross giving you a blog on number one contender matches.

    First off, I am not talking mainly about the world championships but the mid-card titles (ic, us, tag team, divas). Now when Jack Swagger faced Zach Ryder for the United States Championship, he didn't do anything to deserve the match. It was just thrown together. I thought Swagger should of atleast ...

    Updated 01-27-2012 at 09:07 PM by Cross

    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. Matches I expected to see by now AKA dream WrestleMania blog

    Hello folks, thought I'd give a little write up about some things I have always expected to see in big ppv's. Pretty much matches, some of which I have thought would have been perfect for an already legendary rivalry that would just be an extra thing to spoil us. Match types that I am surprised haven't been taken advantage of that I always thought that would have been epic.

    Does ...

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