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  1. The Way I See It - Top 5 WWE-to-TNA Wrestlers

    Hello, again. I'm going to do something a bit different this week. Instead of touching on the current happenings in TNA wrestling, I'm going to do a top five list. My list is going to revolve around the top five wrestlers that have jumped ship from the WWE to TNA. Now, I understand that a simple idea such as this can have many loopholes, so allow me to fix them:

    1.) I'm not including ...
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  2. The Way I See It - Gut Check, TNA Impact, etc.

    Hi, guys! I'm back for another edition of The Way I See It. My biggest struggle is deciding exactly what I want to do with this blog series. I don't want to do a review of TNA's programming because we have someone that does it already. So, until I develop a foundation, I'm going to stick with providing my opinions on various things within the TNA wrestling world. I have a couple of things on my mind ...
  3. YcCmC: 1- TNA's Real Heavyweight Division Question


    (Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled.)

    (Seriously, don't complain.)

    As everyone had probably read on this site or just about any other wrestling news website this past week, a huge twist in TNA's Heavyweight division has been revealed. The reigning (as of this post) champion, Rob Van Dam, ...
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