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  1. Top Ten Legendary Finishers

    Mikey A here again. My first blog was the top ten finishers in wrestling right now and some people did not understand what right now means so I will make a list of Legendary finishers.

    10. Undertaker Chokeslam-To me the chokeslam is a fantastic move. Used by Kane, Big Show, Marcus CorVon, and sadly The Hurricane. But the best Chokeslam is The Undertaker's because he lifts him in the air ...
  2. Top Ten Finishers and Why

    This is Mikey A and my first blog will be about what I look forward to the most: finishers. A finisher can make or break the superstar. IMO Santino was a good wretler up until the cobra. Christian before the frog splash. Sin cara before the Swanton Bomb. So without further ado, lets just jump right into it.

    10. Ryback's Shock Drop-Ryback has shown that he can become the biggest powerhouse ...
  3. Wrestling Move's Damage

    Hey guys, this is Ressurection with my debut blog, which is about the damage indications made by different mooves.

    Finishers ending match-ups
    Does anyone notice regarless of what someone's finisher is, it is as equal to to everyone's finisher? (regardless of rare moments when people kick out of them). I mean, why should Christian's flog splash be equal to the AA by John Cena? The ...

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  4. Finishers: More than Just a Move

    Finishers, every superstar has them. Its generaly every superstars best selling move, as it is called a finisher to end a match. While every superstar has a finisher, its quite obvious how they can impact on a superstars career. Also they have a big impact on the matches they're used in as if its done right and correctly it can be very entertaining. Such an example is the Stone Cold Stunner. Not only ...

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