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  1. Why Alberto Del Rio hasn't Worked

    Alberto Del Rio will get a title shot at MITB against Sheamus, so during his injury, the wrestler that was used to fill in his spot Dolph Ziggler, who was well received. WWE have clearly let us know they have no plans to drop Del Rio yet and considering there's a big chance he might be the champion soon, I think it's worth analysing him.

    I'll start by saying I think Alberto Del ...

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  2. Top 5 Wrestlers who should get a new finisher

    5. Randy Orton- Rko
    I do like this finisher but it's become slightly too stale for my liking. I'm not saying to abandon the rko but I'd like him to add a submission finisher to his move set such as a triangle hold or the dragon sleeper because at the moment he wins all his matches by an rko out of nowhere (other than recently vs Ziggler). I know he also has the punt kick but he rarely uses ...
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