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  1. Alternatives to WrestleMania, Part 2

    You can spend $60 on decently stacked 4-hour WWE card on April 1st or you can spend less than that ($37) for four events.

    I have a limited budget with two young sons, a wife, mortgage, bills and etc. I love the WWE but I have been watching since 1983 and I can wait for the DVD for WrestleMania and enjoy this later. This is only a suggestion to seek alternatives for WrestleMania. I'm sure ...

    Updated 03-26-2012 at 11:31 PM by Itchypanda

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  2. DG-USA – The New #2

    Happy New Year all, I hope you all had a good time over the festive period. I drank and smoked way too much and ended up with a shaven head :\

    But enough of pleasantries, it’s time to be nasty to TNA! Ooh TNA, with all your flag waving, self belief and pomp and circumstance. TNA with your awesome roster and no ideas for them. TNA with your blatant disregard for WRESTLING FANS…. ...
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