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  1. Up/Down: Jobbers and Low Carders

    What is up guys! In the last addition of this blogg, I looked at the midcard of the WWE and talked about Kofi, Truth, and Ziggler to name just a few. On this edition, I am goingg to focus on the lower tier of the WWE. The jobbers and low card talent. Let's dive right into it!

    Alex Riley
  2. Booking The Tag Team Championships Pt. 1

    Whats up everyone, this is R0YALTY with my blogging debut. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and will continue to as I make more.

    As many of you know, there’s actually been some interesting things happening with the usually boring WWE Tag Team Division (recently). It’s come to my attention that with these things, WWE could make a fairly good Tag Team Division comeback if they play ...
  3. The Real-Deal Tag-Team (of nowadays, at least)

    For those who arent familiar with my work, I normally asses WWE singles wrestlers to their entirety. However, now this is a point I have to get across: The tag-teams in the WWE are slowly gaining prestige, almost as slowly as the apocalypse. But the one tag team that stands out to me doesn't even get air time, that tag-team being....Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks. This team genuinly impresses me, so ...

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