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  1. A cruiserweight division today!

    This is a topic that has been talked about many times, " what if wwe brought back the cruiserweight division ?" and while some good points have been made at various different times there is probably no better time to pull the trigger and bring back the division. Its probably been just enough time that everyone has forgotten about Hornswoggle winning the belt and with the Network coming out ...
  2. The Sin Cara Problem

    Before you read this blog I ask that you read this news article:

    So welcome to my first ever blog. My goal with these blogs is to voice my opinion on current news/rumours as well as the matches showcased on the shows.

    Anyway, let's get on with the story. The news story claims that WWE ...

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  3. Hey, VinnieMac, how's about that Cruiserweight Division?

    Hi there, longtime eWN mainstay, first time blogger here. I'm Kashdinero, and being the bored sort of fella that I was before I started typing this, I thought I'd try something a little different.

    After reading a blog on here the other day suggesting that WWE should implement a Cruiserweight Division, I thought I'd throw my two pennies worth into this idea, and, fingers crossed, ...

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