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  1. Will an atheist wrestler work?

    Hello, ladies and gentleman, this is my first blog, and as you can see, it has a controversial topic. If the subject matter does not please you, I please ask you to stop reading. However, if you enjoy the idea and want to debate it in the commentary section, please, keep it polite. And remember to focus in the wrestling aspect of the text, not a confrontation between religion and atheism.
  2. The Man Behind The Controversy - CM Pu.. - No Wait - Vince McMa... - The IWC?

    In recent months we have seen some compelling and interesting storylines from the WWE, from CM Punk's first "Pipe Bomb" promo up to the walkout on RAW and even into SmackDown territory. This got me to thinking what caused all of this uproar, who is behind it, and why.

    First off - CM Punk's promo before his match against John Cena at MITB shook the IWC and the wrestling ...

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