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  1. A Note to Creative: Ways I'd Tweak WWE's Roster

    Here's my take one what to do with some of the current WWE roster who seem to be... not doing anything:

    Tyson Kidd & Evan Bourne
    Pair up Evan Bourne & Tyson Kidd as a heel tag team when Evan returns, managed by Paul Heyman. Have them start a rivalry with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio Jr which ultimately has the two teams facing each other for the tag titles at WM.
  2. The Handsome Hellion: Cody Rhodes - From Dashing to Undashing to Dangerous

    Yes, I know I haven't posted much recently - busy, busy, busy... but I felt the urge to post about a WWE Superstar that recently grew on me.

    Overall, I'm not a big fan of WWE. As of late, I've been bored by the time I get to the second match of Raw. But I do keep up with the few Superstars that hold my interest. I'm a big CM Punk fan, a big Randy Orton fan... but interestingly enough, ...
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