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  1. Uncooked: The Good, Bad, & Indifferent

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and wrestling fans, it is the one, it is the only, it is, Uncooked! For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a blog I use to do with each Raw. My first one was back on January 10th, and my last one before I stepped away from blogging for a while was on October ...
  2. Wrestlers and Twitter

    Hey guys, irishman101 here back with my fourth blog, and today I'll be talking about my opinions on Twitter and how it affects my viewing of wrestling. I will also bring up a couple of incidents on why I think WWE/TNA wrestlers should not have twitter.

    First off, I dont like wrestlers on Twitter. Wrestling is built around characters that are larger than life, and a character usually ...
  3. Supers, Cenas, Cells, and CM Punks: WRESTLEMANIA!

    Two Generations

    Ever since last year I have been cringing at the thought of a John Cena/"Dwayne" match at Wrestlemania, but ever since that match was announced, I've been having a growing respect for John Cena, and an undenying hatred towards Dwayne. Although the premise of this match was destroyed at Survivor Series, we're now in full swing again for this one. For what qualifies ...

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