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  1. Benoit: a fans final thoughts

    Hello wrestling fans:

    I would like to voice my opinion and read others about the recent story about a reporter claiming the wwe is creating a black hole in its history and de-valuing other wrestlers matches with him.

    Firstly, I was/am a huge Chris Benoit wrestling fan.
    I miss seeing him weekly on raw or smackdown in top fueds for titles, where as a wrestler he belonged. ...
  2. Top 5 best Triple Threat matches Nr 4

    Hello wrestling fans

    I wrote about number 5 on my top 5 triple threat matches. I expected a couple of comments about it but maybe it wasn’t what you guys thought it would be. I wanted to do something different from other tops and my own ones by going more into the matches. On my 3 other topics about a top 5 thing I ranked them from 5 to 1 and wrote a little bit of the build up to the ...
  3. Dear Murderer,

    A NOTE FROM R(ob): I am approving this blog as a counterpoint to the "Dear Chris Benoit," blog that was approved last night. This will be the last Chris Benoit blog approved for a while. Thank you. Keep this civil, I will be watching!

    Dear Murderer,

    Oh, you might be wondering why I started this letter out by writing "Murderer", but you see Chris ...

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