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  1. Are Creatives in TNA on the Same Page?

    While watching TNA last Thursday, I had a lot more questions than answers after Lockdown. I have no idea what the direction of the company is especially with their champions. I'll see if someone can answer some of these questions for me especially the title question which I'll start with. What questions did I ask myself after Impact?

    1.Is everyone in TNA on the same page? AJ Styles complaining ...

    Updated 04-23-2012 at 11:28 AM by Frank

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  2. Ring Ka King of Heels

    This post may contain Ring Ka King spoilers for Feb 25th episode – if you want to watch the episode first you can do so here

    Having just watched my first episode of Ring Ka King I thought I absolutely had to write a post concerning the program. I don’t usually dip my toe in TNA waters, every time I’ve tried ...

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