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  1. Thom's Night of Champion Pay-Per-Review!

    Hello once again guys. Before I start with the review of this year's Night of Champions event, allow me to apologise. Last month, I had every great intention of writing a review of the awesome Summerslam event.... but the problem with intentions is that life can sometimes get in the way. And when I mean life, I mean alcohol in very large doses. I can barely remember what happened that night as I was ...

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  2. The Shield

    hey everyone, it's me Lord Cookie and this Blog is basically about The shields next opponent(s). I know many of you moan that my Blogs are crap. And you know what? They probably are. If you don't like my Blogs, don't read them. And once again, i'm sorry if my grammar is wrong. I'm trying too improve my english since i'm German.

    New Age Outlaws & Triple H
    I would love this. Just
  3. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - The Shield...what to do to keep them fresh

    Hey everyone. Welcome to another edition of Double O. Please read my last entry, 'Why John Cena will NOT lose the WWE Title at WWE Payback' if you're interested. Let me know what you think. But for now, I would like to share with you my opinion on what WWE could do to keep the Shield fresh.

    [B]Six Man Tag Team match limitations[/B]
    The Shield are a way. They have ...
  4. DWO: How Wrestling Could Be #1 How to book HHH vs. Lesnar

    Welcome to #1 of my "How wrestling could be" blogs, today i will be discussing how Lesnar vs. HHH could be booked as opposed to do the direction they have currently taken.

    One thing is for certain when we look at the feud between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. It has not lived up to the hype the WWE had hoped it would. I have read continuous comments throughout the IWC and there ...

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  5. Coffee Talk: What's So Great About...

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. It's been quite a while since I posted as I've been very busy with school and work and my daughter. I am proud to announce that, school is finished and in a week, I learn whether or not if I am a college grad at the ripe age of....well, let's just say, too old. I've basically pulled all A's and a B this semester so unless I completely ...
  6. The Shield Does NOT need a new member

    Why does everybody that post on this site think that The Shield need a new member, they are one of the most dominant factions in wwe history, so why would anybody want to add a fourth member, if wwe were to add another member to The Shield, they could only add a recent wwe superstar which would take the focus away from the group and put it on the new member being the leader of the group, were as the ...
  7. Money in the Bank 2013

    Ok, so this is my first blog. It may end up being a bit on the short end, but I'll do my best to lengthen it and make it at least a little bit interesting.

    Just so we are clear, this is not about Dolph Ziggler and when he should or should not cash in his briefcase. Although, personally I think he should cash in at Wrestlemania and end this whole Jack Swagger push.

    No, this ...

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  8. Believe in the shield!

    Hey there everyone on EWN, and as you can see, I have NO creative mind whatesoever when coming up with a cool, catchy name for my Blog, so I basically have come up with a name being the Blog with no name, if you catch my drift. Confused? Yeah, thought so!

    So anyways, this blog will basically be my point of view on things going down in WWE, and possibly some TNA (if I watch it) over the ...

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  9. First Edition of KimoTherapy: Dean Ambrose and The Shield

    Hello and thank you for reading my 1st edition of KimoTherapy. I want to use this and future entries to voice my opinion on specific wrestlers and storylines going on in the E.

    I'd like to use this first edition of KimoTherapy to discuss Dean Ambroses' character as well as The Shield and their booking.

    First Dean Ambrose, I know i'm not the only one who watches his character ...

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  10. How to Fix TLC

    CM Punk being taken off the TLC card due to injury is devastating. It was Punk and Ryback who would need to carry this lackluster PPV with an absolute war of a TLC match, that would see Punk walk out as champion. Now we have a rather suckish 6 man tag match. Seriously? A TLC match that can be decided by pinfall or submission? That defeats the whole purpose of the match! Plus, I can't visualize any ...

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