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  1. A cruiserweight division today!

    This is a topic that has been talked about many times, " what if wwe brought back the cruiserweight division ?" and while some good points have been made at various different times there is probably no better time to pull the trigger and bring back the division. Its probably been just enough time that everyone has forgotten about Hornswoggle winning the belt and with the Network coming out ...
  2. Wrestling Fan's Thoughts- Upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV

    Hi there everyone, I usually make these blogs regarding predictions for upcoming PPV's and I will be next week ready for the Elimination Chamber PPV, but this time I thought I'd share what my thoughts are regarding the upcoming E.C. PPV.

    I am always exciting around this time of year simply because we are on the Road to WrestleMania! This is a time where storylines are created ...
  3. How I would have booked it: part 1

    While having a sort through my documents I found these ideas I recorded, detailing how I would book the survivor series to WrestleMania season. So in the following three part blog, I will share with you how I would have booked things. This blog is not to knock the way WWE did things, but is just a different interpretation. For example, I would have had Daniel Bryan triumph at Hell in a Cell and win ...
  4. Ring Rust Radio: February 11th; My thoughts on their opinion of WWE.

    I admittedly have only just discovered Ring Rust Radio recently. As a big WWE fan, Bleacher Report was normally my haven to outlet frustration or my own personal thoughts on the WWE's direction and Mike Chairi's RRR article would be one i would read a lot, but i normally would just bypass the option to download the podcast. But as of late i have begun listening and it is a very good show to hear the ...

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  5. Wrestlemania XXX Card.

    Wrestlemania XXX

    Pre Show
    Divas Title - AJ (C)vs Tamina Snuka

    Divas division has been neglected from Wrestlemania for years now and i see this as the first step for them; the pre show. There is nothing worth noting when it comes to the divas division apart from AJ and the promo she did a while back. Maybe Lita makes a return and faces AJ. That would make it ...

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  6. Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan should happen on RAW.....

    How does this happen? No way!!!, Lesnar vs Bryan wouldn't work. Well i think there is a way.

    With Network making it's much anticipated and very belated debut on RAW after the Elimination Chamber PPV then there has to be something to have viewers tune in. And i think it would be safe to say that the WWE would want to pull as many viewers in as they possibly could. There is only one way ...
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  7. That Ever Growing, Sinking Feeling of What If....Part 1

    What if? Probably two of the most used words in the arsenal of a Pro Wrestling fan. And of course, opinion is infinite, everyone has their likes and dislikes and everyone has their own idea of what a perfect program would be; the perfect rivalry and the ultimate payoff. It's part of what makes Wrestling so great. That once the show ends you are still able to talk about it, to discuss what COULD have ...

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  8. How can the WWE Women's Division be better?

    After wrestlers like Trish, Lita, Chyna, Jazz had left the ring, the WWE Women's Division has become nothing more than a joke! Every now and then a jewel or two will pop up in the Women's Division such as Mickie James, Victoria and now AJ Lee. But other than that, there haven't really been much to look forward to and when there is, it's because the Female talent is latching onto one of the top Male ...
  9. My view: What the main event for WM30 should be?

    Now days, we have confusion of what "main event" means because WWE promotes shows as if there is more than 1 because you got other big matches of the show as well. However, the main event no matter how you slice and dice the "last" match on the show. CM Punk still wants to be in the "last" match on Wrestlemania. Why? It is Wrestlemania.....wrestlings World Series ...
  10. Wrestlemania 30 Card Prediction

    Expect some sort of angle involving Vince, Sting and Hogan

    Big E Langston vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Mark Henry Six Man Elimination Match
    Unified Intercontinental and United States Championship
    Winner: Sheamus

    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust
    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    The Big Show vs Alexander Rusev
    Winner: ...
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