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  1. Lance Cade's Death, WWE's Rating Policy, and Summerslam Predictions

    We've seeing news about everything and about everyone in wrestling, and just we think at our own way, and I'll write my way.

    About Lance Cade's death: It's just a bit weird to talk about him, because I never saw him fighting, only one time against DX in 2006, in the DX DVD Pack. So I'll pass this thread.

    About WWE's PG Policy: I think WWE has to change, I see people talking ...

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  2. My Summerslam predictions

    Ok so with WWE's Summerslam right around the corner I thought I'd post my predictions here for all you guys to see, and feel free to share your thoughts and your own predictions.

    WWE Championship
    Sheamus(c) vs. Randy Orton

    My Prediction - Sheamus wins via pinfall

    My Thoughts - In my opinion it would destroy Sheamus' momentum for the WWE to ...
  3. What Do You Think TNA Will Become?

    First off all, Yes this is a long Blog, but I covered a lot. And if you are a TNA Fan, you'll like it.
    Second of all, I would like for you guys to message me, and tell me what you guys would like me to write my up and coming Blogs about. Please do that for me!
    Thirdly, This is a partial response to "Wrestlinggrl77".

    TNA: Let me first off just say that I am ...

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  4. Randy Orton Callling John Cena 'Naked Feet' Explination Revealed

    As earlier posted on one of the headlines, Randy Orton's daughter refers to John Cena as Naked Feet. John Cena explains via twitter:

    CeNation. Just got off the phone with randys daughter. She explained to me that the "naked" was in regards to my isolation which is a ...direvitive of my isolationistic personality. And the "baby" was due to the lack of parental support ...

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  5. The State of TNA

    I'm not gonna hate on TNA like most people. I think TNA started off well, a six-sided ring, a great X-Division, a unique women's knockout division. People leading the company who could be major players (Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe). Then it made the one mistake that it is still making...trying to be like WWE, WCW, and now ECW.

    WWE is a multi-million dollar company and ...
  6. YcCmC: 1- TNA's Real Heavyweight Division Question


    (Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled.)

    (Seriously, don't complain.)

    As everyone had probably read on this site or just about any other wrestling news website this past week, a huge twist in TNA's Heavyweight division has been revealed. The reigning (as of this post) champion, Rob Van Dam, ...
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  7. The Future of WWE

    Ok so currently the WWE have John Cena at the top of the WWE tree but eventually even the 5 year olds who adore him will realise hes an average wrestler at best. and with injurys mounting up with HHH,Taker,Mysterio & Jericho probably taking time off to tour with Fozzy whos going to step up and become the next big thing?


    Sheamus has had an impressive ...
  8. What happens to Nexus if they lose?

    At long last WWE SummerSlam is finally here, the second biggest PPV second only to Wrestlemania itself. Every year WWE "try" and pull out all the stops for this PPV to top off what has been for the past few years a great summer. Last year saw Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a TLC match, Undertaker's return, The Miz vs John Cena which had great build up but a huge downfall unfortunately, the return ...
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  9. What Has The WWE Become?

    WWE: Do You Remember What It Was Like, 10, Even 5 Years Ago? It Was Amazing, Right? Do You Feel The Same About It Today? No, You Don't. Who Is To Blame? Bad Writers? Creators? Vince McMahon? Linda McMahon? Who Do you Blame? I Blame Them All.

    Bad Writers/Creators. You Guys Call Yourselves Writers? How? You Guys Haven't Come Up With A Seriously Good Storyline Since About 2006. You Guys ...
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  10. Welcome to the new!!

    Dear Readers, We've worked very hard in the last few months to prepare for this launch of the new eWrestlingNews. We've made the site more dynamic and interactive. You will find the main page mostly the same, however, we've added several functions to the site. You will notice there are still some pages not currently working, they will be up in the next few days. We want to make eWN a community oriented ...

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