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  1. With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!

    With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!!
    Daniel Bryan is without a doubt the greatest talent WWE has currently, he is by far the most “over” on the entire roster and don’t tell me that when he walks through the curtain you don’t through your hands in the air and chant “yes,yes,YES!” just like everyone else.
    While Daniel is awesome no doubt, he is nothing without his great heels ...
  2. Inevitable Culmination - Crowd Hijackings

    A wrestling audience's ability to be vocal is one of its greatest strengths. There are few other instances where a crowd of several thousand will unanimously chant for or against a wrestler. If someone cuts a promo and seems to take long pauses between each sentence, they almost have to expect a "WHAT?!" response. In recent years, though, the audience has become more vocal, but in a different ...

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  3. Booking Challenge: TNA Lockdown 2014

    Lockdown is in March this year which is why I'm doing this booking challenge. TNA Lockdown, 1 of the biggest ppvs of the year for TNA. 10 match limit max as always. So you know how this works, give your best card possible as usual. For those who don't understand the point of the booking challenge, please read the explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking challenge vets, here ...
  4. The Problem With Elimination Chamber and the easy/smart way to fix it.

    With the Elimination Chamber here and gone, we are now full steam into Wrestlemania. Now I don't know about you, but I feel like EC isn't living up to the potential it has. The Elimination Chamber itself is such a great match idea but is completely wiped out due to Wrestlemania being the next ppv. The Chamber should be about the unpredictability of it. Any of the six men can walk out champion but ...
  5. I want to stop fast forwarding through this Mediocre Era

    Thank god for VCR to DVD recording. Thank god that my ex didn't throw my most prized collection of tapes and thank god all those hours I spent transferring my tapes to DVD were not in vain.

    I was recently watching episodes of Raw and Smackdown in order of course from the time HHH came back from his first quad tear all the way through Wrestlemania X8. I particularly like those few ...

    Updated 02-22-2014 at 07:35 AM by TheStandOut

  6. WWE & NBA : Same format?

    What do Michael Jordan and Hulk Hogan have in common? Nothing really other than the fact that both men were the face of their respective industries. They both are household names and huge stars. They both had big divorce settlements with their first wives. They both think they are the best of all time. Ok maybe they have more in common than I thought. What do the NBA and WWE have in common? More than ...

    Updated 02-22-2014 at 04:17 AM by TheStandOut

  7. Booking the Road to WrestleMania: My Way

    The Road to WrestleMania hasn't quite met my expectations so far so I thought I'd show you guys what I would have liked to see. Starting from the turn of 2014 I'll blog about how I would have booked The Road to WrestleMania.

    I wouldn't change much about the lead up to the Royal Rumble, the only things I would change are:
    - I'd scrap the Lesnar/Big Show feud
    - When Batista ...
  8. WWE Network : Not over the top?

    The WWE Network is right around the corner and its getting ready to launch and change the way we experience professional wrestling forever. Its over the top and revolutionary. It is changing the way we watch WWE programs. So here's your whats in it guide to The WWE Network. "WHAT"

    It's over the top, its the new WWE Network. I can't wait to relive all those great moments wrestling ...

    Updated 02-22-2014 at 12:27 AM by TheStandOut

  9. My Favorite Wrestlemania Match

    In my previous post I discussed my first Wrestlemania memory, that of Wrestlemania 14. To this day it is still my favorite Wrestlemania card. Next on the list, and only a paper width away from my favorite PPV card of all time, was Wrestlemania 25.

    Now I can hear some of you ...
  10. HHH V Paul Levesque, Art immitating life?

    Who is HHH? who is Paul Levesque?...well, obviously they are the same person, HHH, the stage Character of the company COO, and Paul Levesque Vice President of talent Relations. I am sure they are two very different people, but perception is everything. No matter how different Mr. Levesque is from Mr. Helmsley in real life, The fans perception right now, is they are one in the same. The problem is, ...
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