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  1. Thom Hodkinson's Pointless Opinions IV: MITB

    Welcome once again to another blog of my utterly shite musings on the World of Wrest... Sports Entertainment...
    This time around, I have decided to go through the WWE Roster and see who'd be ideal for working the Money In The Bank's namesake match. There's no particular order to be had here, and I shall not group the individuals into different matches, this is just a list of guys that I think ...

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  2. The Rebel Lion's Den: MY WrestleMania XXX Wish...

    Welcome, wrestling aficionados....Thanks for swingin' by the Den! WrestleMania season is far from here, but it's something that is always prevalent in my mind, so I put together my dream WM XXX card. I'm not saying this is what the card will or should be; Just sharing my personal dream scenario. I based my card loosely on current WWE storylines to make my card as believable as possible.

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  3. TNA vs WWE; One Possible PPV idea

    So recently I was criticizing someone else’s blog on a potential WWE vs. TNA PPV for a lack of incite involved on his matches. While I am in the camp that believes WWE has nothing to gain from such a merger and feel as though TNA’s talent as whole is a step below WWE’s, as a wrestling fan I, like most, have thought about many ‘dream’ matches. So with a little extra ...
  4. My Top 10 WWE Superstars (Current and Retired)

    10. Kane
    I think that WWE should include Kane a little more in the shows, like they used to. He's a great wrestler and deserves to get title shots and be in main event matches. He used to be unstoppable, but now WWE has pushed him aside. He still has matches, but not the kind he should.

    9. Shawn Michaels
    Shawn, also known as "Mr. Wrestlemania" has also been around ...
  5. Gimmick Transitions: Better or Worse part 1

    I read in the forum about putting Drew McIntyre back in his Chosen one gimmick and I stopped and thought of all the horrible and amazing transitions that either broke the character or helped the character. In this blog I will talk about the ones I can remember. Ones like Mark Henry, Kane, Drew McIntyre and others.

    Drew McIntyre
    Most people remember this guy "debuting" ...
  6. Raw 6/17/13; A Huge Improvement

    Lately, when I watch WWE, I've found myself missing the old days. WWE's storylines have become boring and the wrestlers need to have better characters, because otherwise, I'm not interested in them. Last Monday, I was really impressed though. The show was great.

    When Mark Henry said that he was retiring, I honestly believed him. His acting was amazing. And when he power slammed John ...
  7. Superstar Hulk Hogan: "You want to love Hogan, but he gives me every reason not to "

    Hogan ended by saying “whatcha gonna do when TNA and all the Hulkamaniacs become number one wrestling company in the world and run wild on you!” That is how Hogan ended his first promo inside a TNA ring. Hogan is probably the most well known wrestler in the world. Non-wrestling fans know who the man is. A lot of people dub him the greatest of all-time comparisons such as the MJ or Babe Ruth of ...

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  8. The Return of Rob Van Dam

    July 14, 2013 will mark the return of Rob Van Dam to the WWE at their Money in the Bank Pay Per View. He was last seen in the promotion at the 2009 Royal Rumble. He has since been employed by TNA aka ‘Impact Wrestling.’

    Though not a personal favorite of mine, he is immensely talented and a big name in the business. Not on the level of The Rock and Brock Lesnar as far as general popularity, ...
  9. My Money In The Bank 2013 Card

    MITB WWE Title
    Daniel Bryan vs Jericho vs CM Punk vs Ryback vs Big Show
    Winner: Daniel Bryan
    Story: Brock comes out and does a big spot with CM Punk; DB wins on top of the ladder, YES YES YES, to end the PPV

    John Cena (c) vs Mark Henry
    Winner: John Cena
    Story: Cena wins clean over Henry with a huge AA

    The Shield (c) vs Kane and Randy Orton ...

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  10. Leading raws up to mitb

    Hey it's mr.onemanband and I will be making some Storyline in my blog today starts the first series. Now this take place with current champions and you will see title changes and turns so enjoy.

    Raw after payback

    John Cena - the champ is here.after going through hell last night I walked away with this wwe champion make no mistake it doesn't matter if your ryback rock ...
    Tags: cena, mitb, punk, raw, wwe
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