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  1. Wrestlemania 29 - A More Positive Review (I hope + spoilers)

    Alright, so Wrestlemania is in the books for the year. And after sitting through the 4 hour PPV, here are my thoughts in my first ever blog post.
    First things first, I was one of the unfortunate people who choose to order the PPV online from And I got to see the "Our Apologies - this service is unavailable message".
    So that sucked, but thankfully I found a decent stream ...
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR) - WrestleMania XXIX

    I’m sure that by the time you see this WrestleMania-themed #YYYTRR blog entry most of you will have seen the show or at least its results, but in the event that you have yet to see either, spoiler alert!

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d like to thank WWE for giving us two great main event matches and a few surprises tonight. But if there was an award ...
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  3. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE WrestleMania 29 Predictions

    Hey everyone. I am back with yet, another opinion of mine. This time, I would like to share with you my predictions for WrestleMania 29 plus the outcomes for the main events which include:
    The Rock vs. John Cena II
    Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H II
    Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
    Undertaker vs. CM Punk

    [B][U]PRE-SHOW MATCH[/U][/B]

    [B]Intercontinental ...
  4. The RockBanditPhil Predictions for WrestleMania XXIX

    I am sure that most of you are tired of seeing the WrestleMania 29 predictions posts (there are only about 50,000 of them on here). Nonetheless, I thought I would bore you with my own. I have done some deep thought over the past few weeks and the following post is how I *think* WrestleMania will turn out on Sunday night. The matches are presented in the order that I think they will be in. ...
  5. Coffee Talk: Wrestlemania Outcomes

    Hey Wrestling Fans. DK Savior here with the final Coffee Talk before Wrestlemania. The season was a long one. One filled with seemingly lackluster build and little to no real drama. Nothing since the Royal Rumble really WOW'd me and by reading blogs and forums, it seems I'm not alone. But not withstanding, we are approximately 24 hours from Wrestlemania. And many, MANY predictions that have come out. ...
  6. My favorite WrestleMania Moments In The Past Decade

    Well it's that time of month again. WrestleMania. For me, this WrestleMania will be historic but not compared for moments that we have seen before and I want to share with you my favorites. Feel free to share yours in the comment section.


    WrestleMania 21 : Randy Orton vs Undertaker - Even though Randy Orton lost this match, he came very close to ending Undertaker's ...

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  7. Wrestlemania 29 predictions

    Hello everyone. First time poster. We are all excited for Wrestlemania, even if the build has been less than stellar. Little bit about myself, my name is Tyler. I live in Oklahoma City. I have been watching wrestling for about 13 years. Edge has been my favorite wrestler since I was 12. Here is the predictions.

    1. IC Title match. Wade Barret vs. The Miz
    The miz was just thrown in ...
  8. My view: Wrestlemania 29 card

    Wrestlemania 29 is almost here and a lot of folks are excited while others are complaining. A series, I'm going to try out is "my view". It is "my view" on a certain topic. Explain why I like, love, or hate something or someone. Instead of always talking about history and doing those top 10s. Try something fresh....not to say top 10s have ended because I enjoy doing them. To attempt ...
  9. 20-1, HBK NY Screw Job, Cena Steel Chair Rage, Sheamus heel turn.

    HI my nerdizles. Log time hope everyone is well and excited about WM29. So many people have done alot of predictions so heck heres mine.

    Triple Nose v Block Lesnar

    This will be shite. (British for weak as shit) Simply because all they are going to do is smash each other pause, smash each other pause blah blah blah. It will get interesting towards the last ten minutes. I believe ...
  10. Nitro's 10 Bold Predictions for Wrestlemania 29

    Here I am again to bring you predictions that, while might not be right, but will be bold and that will be a big thing. At the royal rumble, I got 3/10....well, they are meant to be bold, so let us see what happens this time. So I bring to you 10 bold predictions for Wrestlemania 29

    10. Cody Rhodes will begin to turn face

    Like everyone else, I love me some Rhodes Scholars,

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