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  1. My view: TNA Wrestling Slammiversary 2013

    My view is a new series yet again to give my opinions on topics such as ppvs, cards, current product, and so forth. I will do the same with WWE especially for the critics who will likely claim I'm a mark for the things I'm about to say about TNA. I've been called worse. LOL! I will not be featuring ROH even though I watch it. I don't feel I'm qualified to be extra critical of the product they present. ...

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  2. RAW Displayed What's Wrong With WWE

    Hello, folks. It's been quite a long time hasn't it. Well, if you have been following me I have been on a tyrade of WWE management due the decisions made and RAW displayed everything that was wrong. I meant to write this yesterday, but because I'm cool like that, I'm going to do it today. I needed a day off to ponder on the sheer stupidity of it anyway. I may only look at negative things, but these ...
  3. Dimension X: When Eras Collide

    Hi everybody! I came up with a fantasy booking idea which I thought was pretty interesting and I had to document it. I’ve actually been trying to move out of the realm of fantasy booking and focus on other blog topics in the world of WWE/TNA. However, with Extreme Rules shaping up, I couldn’t sit on this any longer. I’m expecting complaints about the use of certain guys and there will be a big ...
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    WWE has been known to pool its biggest rivalries together in a bid to increase interest in an upcoming pay-per-view in the past (the Attitude Era used this technique a lot), but usually it pays off in making the most major championship (usually the WWE title) the headline whilst the other rivalry takes a not-too-distant back seat.

    In the case of John Cena vs. Ryback and The Shield vs. ...
  5. New Nation Of Domination

    Hey everybody back to just express an idea and hear a feedback to what ya'll think.

    If I were to come up with a storyline at this point it would be a new breed of nation of domination but with a twist.

    First off the name I would choose for the faction would be Black Panthers or Darksmen, both sound racist I know but that's the point good controversy.


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  6. A 54yr old man should not be #1 contender

    TNA just cannot exorcise itself from the ghosts of WCW's past. In fact the company embraces those ghosts with open arms. And that is exactly what my gripe with TNA is. Let go of the ghosts, let go of nostalgia, let go of the WCW way of doing things.

    One of the reasons I couldn't stand WCW during the 90's was their reliance on fading older stars that were going into their 50's and clearly ...
  7. The Potential of AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn + Fan Made Movie Trailer

    I have always been an advocate of female wrestling. However, it's been really hard to support anything related to the words diva or knockout in main stream over the years.

    Until now.

    I see a lot of potential in this upcoming feud between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. Being a fan of both divas, I've been craving this feud since ...
  8. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Booking WWE Extreme Rules 2013 and Predictions

    Hey everyone. I am back with another post. This time, I would like to share with you on my predictions for Extreme Rules. I know it is still a few weeks away but I will also share with you on how I would book the rest of the show, plus predictions and outcomes for the three current announced matches. I hope you all enjoy.

    [B]World Heavyweight Championship
    Triple Threat Ladder match[/B] ...
  9. Placing Your Bets On The Shield

    The Shield are the best thing in wrestling at the moment. After arriving in the WWE last year, they made waves with their invasion style gimmick. It’s an easy gimmick because it’s not hard to get over. The challenge of it is keeping it over. You need to keep it fresh and its success really relies on its participants.

    Their first match didn’t happen until months after their
  10. Superstar: The Rock "I don't want to hate The Rock anymore"

    A new series simply giving my opinion on a superstar in WWE or TNA. Recently, rumors swirled about The Rock post Wrestlemania Raw. He apparently got hurt during his match with John Cena at Wrestlemania 29. He went home without telling anyone at 3 pm in the afternoon which caused everyone to go nuts to re-write Raw because he was scheduled to be part of a segment w/Brock Lesnar. A match that was rumored ...

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