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  1. The Punk: Extreme Rules Review

    The glitz and glamour of Wrestlmania is now but a faint memory. From here and going forward the WWE will begin to build it's summer programs which should see most culminate at this year's Summerslam. Before they can do that however, that they have a few loose ends to tie up and since 2010, Extreme Rules has been the perfect event in which to do this. Will The Shield complete their rise to power when ...

    Updated 05-21-2013 at 12:50 PM by The Punk

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    “Change begets change begets change…” is a quote which I personally picked up from Neil Flynn’s portrayal of the Janitor in Scrubs, but Sunday night’s Extreme Rules was, to me, a precursor to what 2013 might hold in store for the WWE Universe.

    The Shield’s clean sweep was predictable, but their show-stealing match tonight with Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan’s aggression was great to ...
  3. WWE Payback (booking the card)

    This is my realistic card for the June PPV payback. The show will have 7 matches that will all be given the appropriate time. I really dont see CM Punk returning this soon. I also tried to include all the big names on the roster to have a match on the show so here we go. Also, let me know what you think please with comments below.

    Pre-show-Tag team match (5 min)
    The usos vs The ...

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  4. Is tna's roster too big?

    Nobody can deny that TNA has one of the best rosters in wrestling today, and nobody can deny the fact that the roster is going from strength to strength. I think the TNA roster has some of the best talent going, however, I believe that the TNA roster is too big for it's current one show a week structure.

    When we look at the TNA roster it is easy to see that a lot of the talent remains ...
  5. Extreme Rules: A Retrospective

    WWE presented us with its fourth PPV of the year, Extreme Rules. The card looked impressive, but did it deliver? Well, last night I ordered a pizza and watched the whole thing and boy do I have much to say. I may be a critical person but if i didn't see anything wrong with it I wouldn't be making my complaints. So here we go.

    Pre Show: The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

    This match ...
  6. Thom Hodkinson's Pay-Per-Review: To the Extreme

    Hello once again, and welcome to my new monthly blog, The Pay-Per-Review. Here, I'll be giving my opinion (which will be pointless) of the happenings and events in the most recent PPV. Today, we take it all the way up to 11 with WWE Extreme Rules 2013. So, without further ado, let's get right into it!

    I'm a bit disappointed in all honesty. Disappointed ...
  7. Blade's Experience: WWE Payback 2013 Card

    Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. In my last blog, I blogged about the Future of the WWE. For readers there will be another blog which will be titled as "Part 2" with logical story lines to put superstars in with them gaining momentum and drawing back viewership for WWE. For those joining WWE Extreme Rules Prediction Contest there will be 100 points rewarded for participating ...
  8. WWE Should Bring Dolph Ziggler back as a face

    This is my 1st real attempt at one of these, So bare with me, i tend to ramble on. if it sucks and is completely delusional then Sorry....about you're damn luck(Yes i really wrote that)

    Well for months now, ever since i heard the rumor that WWE had been considering turning Dolph Ziggler into a face, it's been on my Fav 5 of things WWE could do(even higher than Cena Heel turn).
  9. Nitro's 10 Bold Predictions for Extreme Rules

    Here I am again to bring you predictions that, while might not be right, but will be bold and that will be a big thing. At Wrestlemania 29, I got 4.5/10....well, at least I am increasing. No wonder I sucked at the prediction contest for Wrestlemania. Anyways, I bring to you 10 bold predictions for Extreme Rules!

    10. Cody Rhodes frustration from pre-show will lead to him being face and ...
  10. Booking the perfect SummerSlam card

    The "Biggest Party of the Summer" hits Los Angeles for the fifth straight year as SummerSlam commences on Sunday, August 18th at the Staples Center.

    And so, what should be the perfect SummerSlam card? Here's what I think should happen:

    This seems like a possible feud as ...

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