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  1. Why WWE is PG and What The IWC Doesn't understand

    I read Blog after Blog. Artical after Artical. All giving their Theory why the WWE went PG. But the truth is, the answer is right in front of are face.

    Lets Get the facts on why WWE is PG
    WWE became PG in mid 2008. That was the First Raw PG show for WWE.. WWEs ratings around 2005 were around high 3's and sometimes (very Rare) they hit a 4.0. They ranged around 3.7..... Ratings ...

    Updated 11-20-2011 at 11:36 AM by Frank

  2. Youtube Extravaganza: All hail the Kings of Promo!

    Hi guys, Mr.Turtle here and I've decided to try a new blog concept which should hopefully be a weekly thing if all goes well and people want to watch/read it.

    So the idea is to present two (potentially three) wrestling videos a week from the web (youtube)and well . . . go through them.

    Once again, think of this as a pilot on TV, if all goes well and people like it, i'll ...

    Updated 11-20-2011 at 11:37 AM by Frank

  3. RatedATB's Survivor Series 2011 Predictions

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with his Survivor Series 2011 Predictions. Going into this ppv, I don't think WWE did the best job of getting us here if you look back at Raw. However one good thing is the matches don't seem too bad so without further ado...

    (Also this is in no way the order I expect this show to be)

    U.S Championship - Dolph Ziggler vs. ...
  4. STATE OF THE 'E: Coming To Grips

    Man, the blog landscape on eWN is getting thick, eh? Either way, I'm back again with another edition of STATE OF THE 'E... often imitated, NEVER duplicated! I will say though, I'd like a part of that "BlogWars" action! Great job with that!

    Now, my last blog got a lot of heat, which is a good thing. It shows that everyone has an opinion on the matter. Whether you agree with ...
  5. 2011 Ring of Honor Review

    Howdy, so this is my first blog on the site and I definitely wanted to just switch things up a bit. Rather then ranting and raving about Cody Rhodes or the top 5 whatevers in wrestling. I wanted to write this for fans of Ring of Honor. 2011, an interesting year for this company, coming off what I felt was arguably the second best year in the company’s history, being 2010
  6. John Cena is not Hulk Hogan....

    The purpose of this blog is to talk about why I think it's a ridiculous assumption that people think John Cena is anything like Hulk Hogan.

    [B]Hulk Hogan helped make wrestling what it is today, John Cena is destroying it[/B] That's right folks. John Cena is destroying what Hulk Hogan helped create, basically he isn't helping it get better which is what Hogan did in the 80s, so ...
  7. WWE: What is happening right now

    This is an optimistic blog, If youre a pessimist, Get THE F OUT

    The Rock and John Cena Show

    Which way are WWE going?? Who knows? Is Cena going to turn heel? Who knows? Is he oging to win clean at Mania? Who knows?

    This is why I like this stroyline. The main event at Mania has had a big bleamin build up, unlike any other in light years. For those complainers ...
  8. TNA - the good and the bad

    Hey guys, I am sitting here bored outta my mind so I figured what the hell, lets write another blog! This time I'm gonna talk about TNA and what they need to do to start improving further, some of the talent needs to go and some needs to be pushed.


    [B]Scott Steiner[/B] Scott Steiner, what can you say about him? Well, he is good on the mic... He is gettting ...
  9. Cody Rhodes Made a Believer Out of Me

    Hey everyone,
    It's been an extremely long time since I've written a blog on here. I pretty much considered myself retired, but I strongly feel as though this is a subject that is worth speaking about. With all the negativity here in the IWC, I'm actually going to talk about something that is a positive thing. And that, my friends, is the amazing talent that is now apparent in one Cody Rhodes. ...
  10. The REAL Return of the attitude Era?

    Hey guys Knox here. I hope all is well, I've been absent for a while as I've been involved with the blog wars. I got my butt whooped in the more recent Tag Team addition so my hat goes off to "Wrestling Fan" for creating this and "Dr. Death" & "The Hitman" for kicking my butt lol great job guys.

    Now lets talk about the WWE's attitude era return and ...

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