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  1. T-Hughes35 Presents: The Inaugural TNA Hall Of Fame Class

    Greetings everybody,

    With TNA Slammiversary being tonight, there will also be an announcement on who be the first inducted in the inaugural class of TNA's Hall Of Fame. In honor of the occasion, I am going to give you a list of six men whom I believe should complete the inaugural class of TNA's Hall Of Fame.

    01: Jerry Jarrett - One of the co-founders of the organization. ...
  2. Ramblings of a Madman: The debut blog

    I actually look forward to reading blogs on here. Some are entertaining, some are informative but every one of them is thought provoking, and that is what I think a good blog does – makes people think.

    For me, the ones that get me thinking the most are blogs that compare ‘what was’ to ‘what is’. It’s great to think about times gone by, but I am more interested in the future. ...
  3. A Week in WWE: June 4th - June 8th

    Hello and welcome everybody to a new regular blog I will be doing. I am Nitro and if you haven't seen my other blogs, some are good, some are bad. Meh. Anyways, this blog will be going down 5 topics of the week that made me think. Might have to change the title but continuing on, let's look at the week. *Note* This is only WWE.

    1. Here to show the world......I think?

    After ...
  4. NWO to Summerslam: Booking the Road to Rome (Part 1)

    From No Way Out to Wrestlemania, Rome will be booking the 4 singles Mens titles at each PPV--I'll be listing each match and finish, with comments.

    No Way Out

    WWE Championship - Steel Cage Match: CM Punk (C) vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane
    Punk hits the floor and escapes as Kane taps out to the Yes lock. Punk retains in the confusion, sets up for Punk-Bryan rematch.
  5. UFR 1 - Hardy vs Hardy Feud

    Hello and welcome to the first UFR Blog. UFR stands for Underrated Feud Recap. Each week ill look at a feud I consider underrated and look at the build up, the matches and promos around it.

    Each week ill invite 2,3 or 4 regular bloggers on to voice their opinion on the feud before ...

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  6. Five reasons why the WWE Divas are an afterthought these days

    During the "Attitude Era," the Divas of the WWE at the time consisted of beautiful but very talented wrestlers that included the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Sable, and many others.

    However as the likes of Stratus and Lita retired from the ring, a new kind of Diva emerged. When Kelly Kelly made her WWE debut back in 2006, her glamorous looks and cheerful personality churned ...
  7. The Wrestling Backfire: An Inside Look At The WWE

    WWE put together one of the best and most newsworthy B-PPVS of all time, with Brock Lesnar losing his return match and Cena being beat up so badly that he had to take time off. I asked my friend how long would this hot-streak last. He said a month and I sarcastically said they would cool down in a week. It took a day.

    After Extreme Rules, Cena was announced that he had to wrestle at
  8. THE DES 5: Wellness Policy ups and downs

    It seems that this week will start off with some good news, so far. With Raw ratings bombing, it happens, Jericho practically becoming a foreign enemy in Brazil, and Orton now suspended for his second or third time, I have to admit I was relieved to see Cody Rhodes off the hook thanks to a prescription. I like, some of you for sure, was confused by his 'Time Off' twitter post after Over the Limit, ...
  9. Trick's View: Why the Attitude Era Worked So Well and The Failing PG Era.

    Let me start off by saying, if what you read offends you or if you disagree strongly well guess what.... I don't give a sh*t! This is my opinion and what I've thought about for a while now. You may agree with what I have to say and some may be annoyed because I probably will ramble on like how I am now. Well that's just because the World Wrestli(whoops) I mean the WWE is just pissing me off now. (God ...

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  10. Thank You Ultimate Warrior!

    With out doubt I have alot to thank Mr Hellwig aka Warrior because if it was not for him I would have never been a wrestling fan today.
    Do not get me wrong I have read all the debates on the guy and to be honest some right and some wrong but thats for others to debate.
    In the UK the wrestling scene was dire and in bad need of updating so was thus slipping off the tv schedule but thankfully ...
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