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  1. WrestleMania 28: Realistically booking the Grand Event

    With Rock vs. Cena announced, and Punk vs. Jericho and HHH vs. Undertaker sure to come, Wrestlemania 28 is looking like it could be one of the best Manias ever. However, the WWE will still need a strong undercard and good booking to make this event live up to it's potential. However hard it may be for some to realize, WWE made great strides as a company in 2011. With a plethora of new stars, and a ...

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  2. Why the hate for the Rock?

    Im not sure why but everyone seems to be hating on the rock lately. As a rocky fan I cant understand the reason for it

    Cena I think is just saying stuff to promote the match and his interviews that provoked the rock as mentioned by rocky when he returned were done at the insistence of Vince in order to get what we now have the rock back in wwe.

    I mean dont get ...

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  3. A Pre-Wrestlemania Synopsis

    Hi Everyone

    My first post - so please be nice

    Been a fan of Wrestling since Wretlemania 8, then stopped watching it (Did not have cable tv)

    Got back into wrestling at the Royal Rumble 2000. When the PPV was on terrestrial Channel 4 in the UK (Having already started watching WCW on Channel 5 with Goldberg et al..)

    Been watching it ever since ...

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