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  1. Oh My Blog: MITB & Has Punk delivered another summer of excitement?

    Hi all. Time for another blog! And i believe i'm writing at a time where blogs are flying in thick and fast, for obvious wrestling related reasons.

    Well Money in the Bank is only a couple of week's away and in my estimation it is one of WWE's best PPV's. I know parts's of the wrestling community are not fan's of the 'themed ppv's' such as MITB, Fatal 4 Way and Hell in a Cell but i ...
  2. WWE: Tag Team Division - Relaunch

    The return of Battle Bowl: The Lethal Lottery
    (Starrcade '91 & '92, Slamboree '96)

    This WCW concept was excellent - the ending culmination was a disappointment.

    What Worked: The Lethal Lottery concept placed 20+ wrestlers names into a spinning barrel and were drawn Randomly and On Air to make up unique Tag Teams. These Tag Teams would pit friend vs. friend ...
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  3. WWE's biggest mistakes, a recap...........

    After reading comments on this page from the readers about how TNA was so awful and WWE was the best thing since sliced bread. Let's recap some of WWE's greatest failures that we've lived through:

    1) The Montreal Screwjob: Enough has been said about this that it's way past old news, but before this we weren't seeing behind the scenes documentaries and how the matches were put together. ...

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  4. Fans Should Buy Money In The Bank and Destination X in 2011

    Alright. Time for another blog by Wrestling_Deluxe_08. All I ask is that you leave your comments down below after reading.

    Time for a dose of reality. It seems to me that a huge majority of the fans here in the IWC/YWC do nothing but constantly bitch, moan, and complain about what they see on WWE and TNA. They cry about TNA (Impact Wrestling) not showcasing the X-division anymore ...

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  5. The 'Shawn Michaels effect' Then and Now

    With The Miz and A-Ri falling out after Over the Edge Pay Per View, wrestling hot sheets anticipating the eventual and planned back stabbing of Ted DiBiase Jr. to Cody Rhodes, after just reuniting after the draft, and a new manager for Tyson Kidd every week, my thoughts on these events keep causing me to think back to the early 90s and the now famous break-up of The Rockers. Since I am new to this ...
  6. Is CM Punk "Poster Boy Material"?

    I'm sure many people are still hyped from Punk's promo that he had cut on this past Monday Night RAW. Now that Punk has broken through with this promo, this gives CM Punk fans more incentive to say "he's the best and should be the poster boy of the WWE". But what does it take to be a poster boy of the WWE? And is CM Punk really "WWE Poster Boy Material"?

    In my opinion, ...

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  7. 10% that make up the Internet Wrestling Community

    After reading some of Bischoff's rants about how the internet is such a small minute part of the puzzle, I would like to take the chance to show you a few examples of why Mr. Bischoff or anyone would be wrong to dismiss the IWC so quickly......

    1) Matt Hardy: Long before the story hit WWE airwaves about Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge, it was all around the net. So if the IWC only makes up a small ...

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  8. About WWE new era

    The recent events on CM Punk and the so called new era in the WWE hashad me thinking about how WWE's new point of view about sports entertainment. I think that the fact is that nowadays WWE is trying, and succesfully did it, to capture little kids to follow wrestling, since they already had teenagers and adults all they needed was to drawn little kids atenttion in order to fully hoard all people in ...
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  9. The Hardy Brothers.

    My take on everything that has gone on within the past few years.

    Firstly, I'd like to point out that I've only wrote this due to the continuous criticism around the Hardy's I'm impartial towards the matter so if I say something that Hardy fans or Hardy haters dislike then I'll accept scrutiny. So I browse through the internet often, not constantly but often which is understandable ...

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  10. The Punk Promo, The Sad Truth And The Need For Attitude

    Monday Night Raw was a good one, bringing a rare upward spike on what has been a steady downward trajectory for some time now. Sure, it still had the nonsensical “secret” General Manager firing in their e-mails, making the scripted nature of the business as transparent as it ever has been. There was still an insistence on gimmicks having to do the talking rather than the work itself, the Vegas ...

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