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  1. Breaking down the future of the Undertaker

    Hello readers of this site. I'm the WrestlingNerd and I'll be making my first blog about the future of the WWE legend known as the Undertaker. Now, it's no secret that the Undertaker is nearing the end of his career and is in pretty poor physical condition. I'd say he has one good match left in him, but after that, it's fair to say that the gas has finally ran out of his tank. I don't see the Undertaker ...

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  2. Next Generation of Wrestling

    With the Undertaker vs. Triple H WrestleMania build-up focused around the ability to perform at their ages, now is probably a good time to look at who can stand in to take their place.

    Firstly it should be noted that both Undertaker and Triple H can still perform to the highest level. Some people seem to think that Undertaker is ‘past-it’ but he’s far from it. His last four WrestleMania ...

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  3. Ending the Streak!

    The Undertakers streak at WrestleMania is more than legendary its mythical in proportion and no one will ever be able to repeat it or duplicate it. Cena was on his way to doing it but thankfully Randy Orton ended his winning ways at WrestleMania 24. But as WrestleMania approaches and Triple H will have his second opportunity to end the streak, which I dont think he willl, the question begs...Who could ...
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  4. Why Triple H is Facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27

    Hey guys hope all is well. People are wondering why we have to watch another Triple H vs The Undertaker match at Wrestlemania and I think I came up with the reasons why. Im cutting straight to the point.

    Nobody was built up enough to challenge him
    The year 2010 was the year to push all the young talent that was worthy of a push. The WWE did a great job in pushing talent but ...

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  5. The Last of an Era

    With the Undertaker's recent return and the subsequent confrontation with Triple H, it brought to the fore an often overlooked fact. Triple H spoke of himself and the Undertaker being the last of an era. While those words are true, their meaning rings a little deeper for the Undertaker, for he is the last of the gimmick wrestlers.

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's the wrestling ...

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  6. Undertaker/HHH WrestleMania A Rick Starr blog Splash

    Over the past decades he has been called the Phenom, Bad-Ass, but of course most popular: Dead Man! His WrestleMania streak is almost as legendary as the “Last Outlaw” himself. The Undertaker clearly has more memorable moments in WWF/WWE history than anyone who has come before him.

    While the Undertaker walks in the darkness, this years current opponent, lives for stealing the spotlight ...
  7. The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent????

    Hey guys hope all is well. Just wanted to point out how much fun I have when making blogs on this site and I wish I could do it for a living. Thanks for reading these blogs it warms my heart. NOW TO BUSINESS!!!

    So, I'm getting annoyed because I have the feeling the WWE are going to drop the ball on the Undertaker's return/Wrestlemania. Him fighting Triple H has been done, Wade Barrett ...

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  8. Who Will Undertakers face in Wrestlemania 27?

    in all likliness it will be Christian to make his return and win. to then go on and face Edge at mania, fallowing a Edge and Christian tag team angle, where Edge will once again turn again turn heal.

    Dont expect it will be Kane either, his previous rivalry with taker dragged on long enough and was becoming boring.

    Chris Jericho? seems like a good a idea, i mean the guy ...

    Updated 01-14-2011 at 05:34 PM by Frank

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