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  1. Is John Cena ruining PPV Sales?

    Hey guys hope all is well. I've been thinking lately about how Ryan Clark has been posting the number of buys from WWE PPV's lately and wondered if it had anything to do with John Cena.

    Now let me start off by saying I respect Cena as a person and as a wrestler as well. He might only do five moves but if you guys know Cena from OVW then you know he's capable of way more than five ...

    Updated 06-14-2011 at 01:55 AM by knox

  2. The Most Underrated Wrestler: Matt Morgan

    Hey guys, I'm not done blogging about WWE/TNA's wasted talents but I thought I'd skip to the mainevent. I don't there is anyone who deserves stardom from both companies more than Matt Morgan.

    I really can see Matt Morgan as a top talent but he's never been given a good chance. When TNA decided to push The Pope, Ken Anderson, RVD & Matt Morgan for the World Title, they ultimately ...

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  3. How TNA’s 10th Year Can Be Its Best

    TNA Impact Wrestling celebrated its ninth anniversary at tonight’s pay-per-view, and while it’s nice that the company has existed for this long, things could be a lot better.

    The promotion seems to be running in place from a business standpoint, drawing meager numbers on pay-per-view and the same million-plus fans every Thursday night on Spike TV.

    Something isn’t ...
  4. WWE future

    So excuse any mistakes I make on here as this is my first ever post on anything pertaining to wrestling period. I'm young but I've been following wrestling since 2000s so I know my attitude era and pg era.

    So to go over to what the title states... if the WWE is going to sustain and grow, it needs to go back to what works. There are three things that worked for WWE in the past. Those ...
  5. The IWC has the power? Really?

    Reading a comment claiming that "the IWC has the power" in modern wrestling has made me start to doubt the intelligence of some of the people who express their opinions on this website.

    This is not intended as a rant, I have reasons for my disagreement. They are as follows:

    WWE as a PG product

    If the IWC had any influence over the direction of ...
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  6. #2 WWE: Did you smell what The Rock was cooking?

    I did. Gold. Pure gold.

    Yesterday I posted my first blog here touching on the subject of TNA/Impact Wrestling and my opinion on the product as a whole and I don't think it's fair to write about TNA (which I've only just scratched the surface of what I really wanted to talk about) without comparing it to WWE. TNA after all, are a wrestling company, something they try to mark on every ...
  7. TNA: WWE's kid brother begging for attention.

    I'd like to make the point before anyone (if anyone) reads this blog that I do not like TNA Wrestling, or Impact Wrestling, whatever they want to call themselves. I watched TNA for the first time a few years back when they still had the six sided ring and just had to ask myself "why?" Why would any wrestling company decide to create a ring with an extra two sides? Simple. They wanted to ...
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  8. WWE WILDCARD what should have been

    Hi peeps this is my 1st blog so let me know what you all think.

    Last year wwe added wildcard to its ppv calendar only the event never took place and was scrapped for some reason which is disappointing because the title wildcard had so much potential.

    Three things before we come to the matches:
    1 every superstar or diva is selected at random
    2 superstars ...
  9. Matt Hardy: Thanks For Making Wrestling Interesting

    Hey guys. Now I know I'm going to get bashed for this but I seriously don't care. I for one am a huge Matt Hardy fan (Not a Jeff fan but he's cool I guess). But lets give Matt his props. He basically revolutionized the IWC to a whole different level.

    When Matt Hardy started making his little videos, he had the internet world on their asses.

    How ...
  10. To TNA: A Letter of Concern

    To Whom This May Concern:

    TNA...Impact Wrestling...whatever you call yourselves these days - it's time. It is time to make a move. Stop sitting back and waiting for the fans and ratings to come. It's time to make a decision to make yourself competitive in the main-stream wrestling picture. You can be the one that brings wrestling back from it's recession of popularity and creative mediocrity. ...

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