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  1. Top 10 moments in WCW Nitro history

    I did both Raw and Smackdown top 10 good and bad moments. Now it is WCW Monday Nitro's turn. I'd like to start on the positive end first when dicussing WCW. Give it some love after growing up watching it. This list is bad on my opinion as always. Some forget, agree or disagree....let us show love to WCW Nitro. This is not WCW history....just WCW Nitro history.

    1.Goldberg wins WCW title ...
  2. A Blog About Mike Tenay

    Many wrestling fans have found this man to be one of the worst in wrestling today. They say that he doesn't do a good enough job when it comes to his style of delivery. But what the fans actually don't realize, is that when this "Teacher" actually does his job right, he becomes one of the best that the business has ever had. His name, is Mike Tenay.

    History Lesson:
  3. Do You Remember the Latino World Order?

    One of my favorite things to do on this planet is to have someone call out a wrestling gimmick or wrestler and I will spill everything that I know or remember about said gimmick or wrestler. Today I was challenged with Hector Garza, and while all I remember of Hector Garza was his penchant for corkscrew planchas from the turnbuckle to the outside, I was inspired to remember the Latino World Order ...
  4. Hulk Hogan: Cursed?

    First off, this isn't a blog to tarnish Hulk Hogan's image. I grew up watching him in the 1980's and have fond memories of seeing the Hulkster "hulk up" and come back to beat monster heels.

    It used to be a standard tradition that when you left an area (or organization, to make things simpler), a wrestler would lose his last match before moving on to another area (organization). ...
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  5. Fan Remembers: Attitude Era

    Let revisit the hottest times in wrestling, the attitude era. It was early 1996 and a battle between WCW, run by Easy E, and WWF, run by Vince McMahon, was red hot. The WWF had dominated the ratings war for years. WCW was closing the gap. After a short period the WCW became the more popular of the two, and the ratings followed. WCW played dirty too, giving away results of (then taped) RAW IS WAR, ...
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  6. Similarity & Difference Between WCW & TNA

    Hey guys hope all is well. Let me start off by saying I've been a WWE mark for my 20 years of living but I always loved WCW as well. I'm all about competition so I'm a fan of TNA as well. As a fan, I want to see both companies doing well and thats hard when the product from both WWE & TNA aren't cutting it. I believe ROH might truly be our wrestling savior.

    However let me discuss ...

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  7. 5 Wrestlers that could Been the Best

    5)Lex Luger-The body and the mic skills but didn’t have a passion for wrestling others did. If Luger had been even a good wrestler he would have been near the top.

    (4)Big show-A great heel and a popular face. When he was younger he was one of the most agile big men in the history of wrestling but his weight kept going up and up. If he wrestled during the territories era he would have ...
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