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  1. Booking the WM 29 card (realistic/dream)

    This is my well thought out WM 29 card featuring almost everyone on the roster. I assume/hope that this show will be straight wrestling with no concert or nonsense like the last couple of years. Its 4 hours long, so these matches should get time. C'mon its Wrestlemania 29. While i know that many of you reading this thinks this is unrealsistic, WM 29 is in 4 months and with time and good build/storylines ...

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  2. Who is Mr.Survivor Series?

    What better to end the month of November than to name Mr.Survivor Series? We have Mr.Wrestlemania(HBK), Mr.Summerslam(Bret Hart), and now we are going to have Mr.Survivor Series. I made a list of the top 5 based on accomplishments at the event. Who is Mr.Survivor Series?

    5.Big Show-Survivor Series is Big Show's most successful ppv of the big 4. Don't know how anyone can argue that. He ...

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  3. Sudden Impact Plus A Little Extra

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, and not the rip offs from up north. :-)

    Unfortunately, I didn't win the half a billion dollar Powerball, so again, I missed my chance to buy TNA and make it bigger and better than WWE. Maybe next time.

    I'm going to stray away a bit from my normal style because this will be an ...

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  4. Jason's Thoughts: TNA Impact Wrestling 11-29-12

    Unfortunately i experiencenced some computer problems and the site did not auto save my work so i will be summarizing some stuff instead of a full report.

    Hulk Hogan/Bully/Brooke/Aries segment
    This segment was going to be a train wreck until Aries came in and saved it, this storyline may be bland and boring but has Aries ever been more hilarious?
    Rating: 3/5 stars
  5. Booking AJ Styles

    I’m watching TNA tonight and Storm has just pinned Daniels while telling AJ to use his head. An upset, dejected AJ walks to the back and I think, where does he go from here. He’s on a bit of a downward spiral after recently losing his chance for a World Title shot for a year. This is the perfect time to reinvent him…
    Daniels and AJ are set to face off again in a Last Time Match. I would ...
  6. "Realistic" Mania 29 Prediction Card Proper

    Pre-show Battle Royale

    Tensai, Zach Ryder, Tyson Kidd, The Great Khali, Alex Riley, JTG, Hunico, Curt Hawkins, Ezekiel Jackson, Trent Barreta, Yoshi Tatsu, Michael McGillicutty, Justin Gabriel, Ted DiBiase, Hornswoggle, Brodus Clay, Mason Ryan, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Fandango

    Winner: Fandango

    The perennial "let's get everyone on the roster in a Mania match" ...
  7. ROH Final Battle 2012: Predictions, thoughts, opinions

    2012 was a very good year of wrestling, and it all comes to an end next month with a slew of events. Events no one care about (I'm looking at you WWE), events people are indifferent about (Sorry TNA) and events people are truly buzzing about (ROH, Chikara, Extreme Rising). The Chikara card for "Under the Hood" looks pretty awesome and will be ending their year with a bang. Extreme Rising ...
  8. Marketing Royal Rumble XXVI and Making it Memorable

    Alright hello out there to all wrestling fans far and wide.
    I am the one and only T-Hughes35 back today with my latest entry, Presnted by:

    Today I would like to talk about an idea that I have that can really be turned into something big by WWE and leave a really big impact on it’s fan base. This can be something that can really show not only us wrestling ...
  9. Chris Jericho Spoken Word Show, London (Review)

    So I had the opportunity to attend the Chris Jericho Spoken Word show at The Garage, London this past weekend and thought I’d share my feelings on a fantastic show especially for those who didn’t go and were curious as to what took place.

    It was advertised as ‘Rockstars Say The Funniest Things’ so it was unclear how much of the show was going to be about Jerichos’ wrestling career ...
  10. STATE OF THE 'E: The Shield Of CM Punk

    Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. I'm back again to give you some insight of my mind and dig into how things are going. Clearly you can see what this blog will be about due to the title of it.

    Let me start by saying 374. That is the number of days currently that CM Punk has been Champion of THE 'E. In six short days, he will have surpassed John Cena's 380 reign of terror and will have been ...
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