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  1. How I would've booked WCW to save it!

    I am a personally believer the worst day in wrestling history was the day WCW was bought by Vince McMahon. I believe the creativeness and need to win fans was lost at that time. Point proven, look at the stars WWE created during the Monday Night Wars... Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Mick Foley and also the beginning of a number of other careers. I believe we are now finally seeing the true effects ...
  2. The Rock: Overrated

    Hey guys, I'm StratZ- 1st time blogging here on EWN. For my 1st blog, I'm gonna do it over The Rock being overrated. These are my opinions, but wouldn't be surprised if people began to start bashing :/

    The Rock Returning to the WWE

    Everyone was hyped for The Rock to come back to the WWE! Everyone was ready for him to start wrestling again and perform for the ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011

    Welcome to the 1st Blog Wars KOTR Quarter-Final Match.


    3. royal rumble

    the first match was edge vs dolph ziggler for the whc and edge would lose the title if he used the spear. It was a great match, edge couldn't rely on the spear so you knew it was going to be interesting, at a certain point is the referee down, edge delivers the spear, after that ...
  4. WWE Forthcoming

    John Cena's "heel" faction

    Cena's heel turn should be very subtle, as in the way he is already kind of a heel now in some ways. He should get to a point where he is basking in the heat that his good guy gimmick creates. One thing to tip him over the edge. End Rey Mysterio's career. He already acts like a good guy, but he should end "his friend" Rey's career ...
  5. Top 5 Heels of 2011 (part 2)

    2. R-Truth

    This guy's hilarious IMO, he's great in the ring and ...
  6. The Highs and Lows of the WWE in 2011

    Okay I know 2011 is not over yet, but its as good as. Last year I posted the Highs and Lows of 2010 and it got pretty decent responses, so I thought I would do it again for this year. Feel free to post your ideas for other Highs and Lows to.

    The Highs
    The pushes and breaking out of younger talents. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett spring to mind, and this year showed ...
  7. Will CM Punk really bring change to the WWE?

    The fans of WWE and the IWC themselves know how powerful CM Punk is.

    He has backstage influence in his storylines, his opinions matter to Vince McMahon himself, has huge drawing power and his merchandise sales are through the room. This man seems like he is on top of company and the WWE Universe.

    Or is he?

    The John Cena vs. CM Punk feud had something in ...
  8. Why Kelly Kelly Gets a Push Push

    People think it's an insult to compare someone like Kelly Kelly to Trish Stratus. I'm one of those people, but it also seems a little inaccurate. In fact, I think it's fairer to compare Kelly Kelly to Sable.
    Though Sunny is said to be the original diva, Sable was the one who coined the term. To me, Sable was never really that good a wrestler, but she won championships and was very popular. ...

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  9. My TNA: Changes, Released Wrestlers, and Title Divisions

    Hello there everyone! For those who do not know who I am, my name is Kyle Dunning and I am a Co-Admin of the official EWN Facebook page.

    I have been watching wrestling since the Attitude era, and I like to say I am pretty knowledgeable about wrestling, I know a lot of the facts, seen the majority of the classic moments, and the worst moments in pro wrestling.

    In the present ...

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  10. Scenario Approach: Ryder Vs Dolph...and Cena

    When was the last time a mid-card title had a feud that people ACTUALLY wanted to see (I'm not saying everyone). Dolph Ziggler has appeared on Ryder's YouTube show for quite sometime now.

    Mr. John Cena is without a match at TLC. He currently is on a tetor-totor when it comes to the direction of his character. Cena needs to be involved in the US Title match. This will help him lean to ...

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