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  1. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS .... 2013 and beyond

    Hey everyone,

    so as we are only a week and a half away from wrestlemania ,I can't help but wonder who will leave as the champion of each division. (Ie: WWE, WHC, US, IC, Divas, Tag team) or maybe who is even in the running to hold the belt in the year coming. Which superstar deserves the shot along with the rest of the locker room who fits and who doesn't. Strap in and here we go. ...
  2. Why the Undertaker is important to Sports-Entertainment

    With WrestleMania so close, less than 2 weeks as I type this, I can't help but wonder the outcome of the match between the Undertaker and CM Punk. As a fan who has watched every WrestleMania to date, I have bad feeling about the outcome. I know what would happen in a perfect world, but there is no such thing. With the passing of Paul Bearer recently and the winning streak of Miami Heat coming ...
  3. Top 10 moments in Booker T's career

    I know the critics out there will come out and say something out of no where. I'm going to keep it basic here. I've only followed Booker T's career in 3 companies so be cool with me. Those 3 are: TNA, WWE, and of course WCW. So don't expect any moments elsewhere where he may have competed. Letting that out before we begin. Did this to show love to one of my favs going in to the HOF the day before ...

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  4. Storylines that may never happens ; Road To Payback!

    Hello,Ladies and Gentlemen!!!This is my first Blog here,so don't be so harsh on me
    Well,I'm here to share some Ideas I got out of nowhere lol So I hope those who'll read it would enjoy them
    Well,It all start up with Wrestlemania 29 main Event.Rock vs Cena II.
    Redemption is such a strong word.Such a big and meaningfull word.Those who seeks redemption would fall to the ...
  5. Wrestlemania: The Good...

    First of all, I would like everyone to know that I will be in attendance at this years Wrestlemania for the first time ever. Even knowing that I would be in attendance for this historic event, I still was not getting very excited about the event this year. I particularly blame this on the amazing wrestlemania season we got last year. Anyways, regardless of how I felt before I have been able to think ...
  6. Legacy of your top wrestlers

    Hello all. There have been a lot of really good blogs on this site over the past few weeks. Hopefully you guys will enjoy mine. In short, I want to talk about your top wrestlers in the industry right now and the era for which they will be remembered. More specifically, I am going to categorize each wrestler in the era for which he will be most remembered. For example, Steve Austin will be remembered ...

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  7. The NBF: What WrestleMania Means to Me

    I have always been the type of person that goes against the grain as it relates to what is popular. I think most wrestling fans can relate to that sentiment. Outside of the Monday Night Wars era when it was considered cool to be a wrestling fan, people like me are lumped in with YouTube stars like the “It’s still real to me dammit!” guy. I’ll take the jokes and the mocking comments that come ...
  8. Thoughts On The Best WWE Pay-Per-View

    After all these years of watching Wrestling there is one PPV that always stood out to me. I remember watching it Live on TV like it was yesterday. That PPV is Survivor Series 2003. Survivor Series 2003 had the best lineup and made history in more than once that night.

    Not counting the Sunday Night Heat match with Tajiri and Jamie Noble we would ...

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  9. Over-thinking RAW.... just enjoy!

    Over-thinking about how good or bad WWE or TNA is, something we are all guilty of.

    Whilst watching Monday Night Raw now it seems a must that we should all be on twitter during the show to see whats trending, then we should go on to various websites to see what everyones opinions is and then offer our opinion of the show. We all sit there and critique the show, whether we are reading ...
  10. PG era is Advantageous for Fans and WWE

    Why the pg era is good for wrestling fans and the WWE.
    So today I thought I'd take on an issue relevant to wrestling fans but many in the internet wrestling community, in my opinion, blindly hate with out realizing the benefits of it. The pg era, as a whole does have it's down sides but in this blog I will focus on the good things about the pg era. Trust me there are plenty of positive things ...

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