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  1. Conspiracy Theory #1: Brock Lesnar = 1/2/12

    Capitalizing on the latest news like a seasoned pro, it's the debut of "Conspiracy Theory", a new wrestling blog that will spread excitement and delightment across the ample plains of the Internet Wrestling Community. I will be your guide through the trials and tribulations of all things professional wrestling (and sports entertainment...there is a difference) and you, my loyal reader, will ...
  2. Daniel Bryan DESERVES To Be A WWE World Champion!

    I am really happy to be a wrestling fan right now.

    Internet fans, especially ROH fans, rejoice! You have TWO top-notch Indy wrestlers as the top two world champions in wrestling TODAY. CM Punk is the WWE champion and he is doing a fine job as one too. Then as a result of a Money In The Bank cash in on Big Show last night at TLC, Daniel Bryan is now, as I am writing of this blog, the ...
  3. 2011 EWN Slammy Award Results

    Decided to post this mammoth post as a blog as well. On the forums we have just had our Slammy Awards (Since WWE were doing theres lol) Plus its then easier access to go into my blogs if you want to find this months from now. So enjoy.

    Here are the results to the 17 voted slammy award winners.

    Just so everyone knows. I got over 400 votes from 30 members so thank you for making ...

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  4. There Is Still Hope For John Morrison

    Hello Readers. I just finished watching a video that made me smile. It is a YouTube video by John Morrison himself. If you have not seen it yet, take a second to scroll down and watch it before reading the rest of this blog.

    So why did this video make me smile?

    Since he debuted as Johnny Nitro, ...

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  5. The Hulk Hogan problem.

    In the 80's there was no bigger draw or star in wrestling than Hulk Hogan. He was a real life super hero and he never seemed to lose. He beat heal after heal and had long lasting title runs that you dont see anymore. But than after a few years something went wrong...Hulk Hogan was a real life super hero who never got beat. He had the same moves and spouted the same rhetoric and his matches always ...
  6. John Cena: It's Make It Or Break It At Wrestlemania 28. GET REAL.

    I'm sure my loyal readers have been yearning for a blog on John Cena. Here it is. Fresh out the box.

    As we draw closer to Wrestlemania 28, the talks surrounding The Rock and John Cena have started to re-emerge. The excitement over a possible heel turn for John Cena, or a revamp of his character at the very least, has fans drooling at the mouth. I, for one, thought the Piper's Pit ...

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  7. What's right with wrestling right now

    Right this is my first ever attempt at a blog so apologies in advance if it is poor. Right i have seen a lot of blogs with people complaining about things that are wrong so I am going to talk about all the good things at the moment.


    Personally this is the most entertaining fued on Raw at the moment you have Laurinaitis ...
  8. Is Daniel Bryan Ready To Be A World Champion?

    Amongst the huge discussion with John Cena and his possible heel turn, I've decided to throw another topic of discussion into the mix. I'll probably be doing more of these blogs focusing on one wrestler, depending on how they are received. So let's kick things off with my current favorite wrestler in WWE, Daniel Bryan.

    One question I see going around the IWC is "Mr. ...

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  9. The Problem with The Rock v Cena

    After reading DK Wrestling Savior’s blog entitled “The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?” I began to think about how the ‘upcoming’ Rock vs. Cena match at Mania. Many people are comparing this to the epic Rock vs. Hogan match from ‘Mania 18, however there are some glaring differences that I can see, but for now I am going to concentrate on what I consider to be the greatest. The lack ...

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  10. WWE Rise and Fall of John Morrison

    John Morrison has been the centerpiece of a debate in in Internet Wrestling Community for quite sometime now. Some believe Morrison has all the tools to become a main event star, while others say he is a spot monkey, who lacks mic skills and charisma. Throughout all of this, I have kept one stance; As a face, JoMo is a glorified mid-carder. However, as a heel, Morrison has all the tools to be a star. ...
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