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  1. Who are the Aces and Eights?

    Well hello there EWN Readers! This is Kylos, the EWN Facebook admin, here once again to give you a rare blog entry.

    This blog will focus on the current TNA storyline of the Aces and Eights, a "Brotherhood" of thugs, who have been terrorizing TNA and its performers for months now.

    *SPOILER ALERT* It was revealed last night at Bound for Glory that Devon, the former ...

    Updated 10-15-2012 at 05:34 PM by Frank

  2. What if Marty Janetty wasn't a Janetty?

    Sometimes somebody’s name can become a valid word. Charles Cunningham Boycott gave us the word ‘Boycott’ for example. And if you described somebody as a ‘Hitler’ you’ll all know what that person is like.
    In wrestling circles, poor Marty Jannetty’s name has come to mean quite a negative thing; The lesser member of the tag team. Or the member who has the less successful singles ...

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  3. Building Up : Daniel Bryan Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29

    Being a scriptwriter at my school I wanted to make a new blog series of random wrestlers thrown into different feuds, and my viewpoint on how it will happen.

    First Segment, Smackdown

    (Daniel Bryan is in the ring)

    Daniel Bryan: Ladies and Gentleman I am the true Phenom of the WWE. People thought my first title reign as World Heavyweight Champion was a fluke..Right? ...

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  4. Bound for Glory Review - October 14, 2012

    OK, this will not be a play-by-play recap, more of a quick analysis of the matches and where they’re going with this.

    Match #1 – X Division Championship
    Zema Icon (c) vs Rob Van Damme
    Who I want to win: RVD
    Who I think will win: Zema Ion
    Who won: RVD
    Record: 0/1

    I was totally surprised by this result. I fully expected Ion to hold onto the ...

    Updated 10-14-2012 at 11:27 PM by Frank

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  5. The Problem With Surprises (TNA BFG Aftermath)

    The Way I See It (TWISI) - The Problem With Surprises (TNA BFG Aftermath)

    I didn't plan on writing another blog so quickly, but after watching TNA's Bound for Glory this evening, I have a lot to say. Most of this blog (if not all of it) is simply going to be my opinion, thoughts, etc. on what happened at TNA's biggest pay-per-view of the year. I hope you guys enjoy the read and ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. Worst moments in Survivor Series history!!

    The final of the big 4 ppv moments is finally here. I've done the Royal Rumble, Wreslemania, and Summerslam. Now it is time to put the lists for Survivor Series. With all great ppvs including Wrestlemania, they have their share of bad moments. Here is my list for the top 10 worst moments in history of Survivor Series to help hype up the ppv:

    10.HBK's trainer beatdown 96-Jose Lothario ...
  7. The Splash: When Do Pro-Wrestlers Become Superstars?

    I watched the C.M. Punk Documentary that was just released on DVD, and it was fantastic! The documentary showed that Punk was the sole man behind his character, and NOT a WWE product. In fact he used the “Straight Edge” character as a heel, when he was wrestling for the “Indies”, and he drew just ...

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  8. Wrestling Today: Fans, Attitude Era, WWE, and TNA

    Hello my skeptical wrestling fans.

    I have always said that sorry for my English language but blame the awful teachers here in Sweden.
    Well this time I am going to give my opinion about a few topics that bugs me in a different way, either bad or good it doesn’t matter. I still feel that I should write this so I can get it out.

    Wrestling fans

    I have been ...

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  9. Talking Smack #2

    Welcome one and all to the latest Talking Smack, the wrestling blog in which we attempt to break down this week’s Smackdown.

    The Standout

    This week’s standout has got to go to JBL on commentary. He does his job extremely well. There were a few times that I found myself paying more attention to the commentary than the actual match. Even though he’s a heel commentator, ...
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  10. The Tap Out - Defining Moments In Wrestling History

    Hi all and welcome to


    As I have mentioned before I haven't been a 100% wrestling addict all the time, I've left during the bad times and returned during the good.

    I wanted to share my defining wrestling history and the moments that sent me away and moments that brought me back.

    Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels
    I remember first
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