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  1. Thought on WrestleMania 29 (Taker Feud)

    I have been reading for the last few months about WM29 and the Royal Rumble and dream cards and what people think should happen. Well after reading them so many times, I decided to put my own idea out there and see what others think.

    The rumor going around is that CM Punk v Undertaker will take place at WM29, I am not behind this unless, CM Punk has yet to drop the belt ...
  2. 5 Wrestlers Who Need New Theme Music?

    Hey guys Knox here, once again its been a while. Hope everyone's all well. Today I wanna talk about wrestlers who need new theme music as well as my choices of what their theme should be. Hope you guys enjoy this. This will be fun. Please listen to the themes I suggest as I feel they really do fit the character of the wrestlers.

    5. AJ Lee
    I think her music now is cool but here's ...
  3. Talking Smack: Cena, Cena Cena

    Another episode of Smackdown has come and gone, which means it’s now time to start Talking Smack!

    The Standout

    There were a few things that stood out to me on this week’s episode. The first being the unification of Team Hell No. Finally, they are on the same page. All it took was them to get beat down by the Shield on Raw.

    The second thing that stood ...
  4. Wrestlemania Predictions

    pre-1)First as always a wrestlemania pre-show match and im rooting for a battle royal for the us title. maybe a 10 man showdown with a certain all-american american winning the title.

    1)when the show starts it's more than likely we'll start with the world title match! i would like to see randy orton, miz, dolph ziggler and sheamus in a fatal four way for the title. sheamus has got the ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  5. STAND BACK ... There's A Hurricane Coming Through!

    Yeah, I think Sandy was jealous of the WrestleMania 29 location .. but Dallas might get it in 2014! WrestleMania 30, hopefully a heel Orton, high mid-card or top card feuds for the likes of Cody, Dolph, Barrett and maybe even Sandow, and well developed stars in Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. I apologize for the run-on sentences .. I never wrote a blog, without further waiting .. my thoughts on paper ...
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