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  1. Hypothetically Speaking: Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback; Realistic SvS Match PART 2

    Hopefully you enjoyed Part 1. This may be a regular thing depending on the feedback I get for Part 2. Anyway, enjoy this also.

    Monday Night RAW
    John Cena talks smack to CM Punk. Ryback is there taunting Brock Lesnar through the camera. Paul Heyman interrupts and says that Punk will do what is necessary to ensure he has a team for Survivor Series that will completely demolish ...
  2. Hypothetically Speaking: Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback; Realistic SvS Match PART1

    First off, I am very impressed with how WWE is handling Ryback. I, like Ryback himself, am very happy and grateful they gave him a new start, and something new for us too. Hope they don't drop the bomb on this one too...

    Hell in a Cell
    Cm Punk and Ryback have a vicious battle inside the Devil's Playground. Just as it seems Ryback is on his way to victory and the WWE Championship... ...
  3. 4:20: Blogging While Smoking Vol 1

    Yo yo yo it’s 4:20, folks. It’s been a while since the Great Blueski has sauntered over to the wrestling world’s blogging side and I’ll be honest I’ve been waiting for a subject that interested me enough for me to drop an epic... still f’n waiting yo. So instead of writing a well structured and researched piece of writing... I’m just going to run my gums y’all. So there’s been a ...

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  4. The Great One: The Rocks top 10 matches all time!

    Ok, I havent done a single blog in fact its been so long I really cant remember the last one I did and yet in the span of an hour I am about to do my second blog haha!

    However it should be no surprise that I am a Rock fan. I will even accept being called a Rock mark...I dont care, everyone is a mark for their favorite wrestlers or superstars or whatever you wanna call them. ...
  5. The Royal Ramble: Top Ten Hell in a Cell Matches!

    As always before you start reading, please respect one another in the comments section and these are my opinions if you don't like it then tough sh*t, go complain in the comment box. Follow me on Twitter! @The_RoyalRamble

    The Royal Ramble has returned as promised! It's been a nice two weeks since the last blog I did and I have some big news coming soon in the next few weeks involving ...

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  6. Gentlemen's Corner: Promo's and Mic Time.

    Dear Sir's and Madam's,
    After a hiatus of 9 consecutive months, i present to you again: "The Gentlemen's corner".

    This time i would like to discuss a matter that is quite bothering me in multipile way's. The mic time on weekly (WWE) shows.

    Hooray, we got ourselves more time for the program!
    Since July we (might) enjoy the privilege of a three hour edition ...

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  7. What really grinds my gears. Ep. 2 - Attack of the Reality Shows.

    "You know what really grinds my gears? Wrestling reality TV shows ... Why don't they get with the freaking program? Showing us all these desperate nobodies trying to get a contract ... and for what? Am I supposed to take them seriously? Am I supposed to believe they won't just be fired a couple of months later? ... Tell us, what we are supposed to do, I'm just

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  8. Sudden Impact: The Aftermath

    Hey wrestling fans, PhEonYx here, filling in for "The Savior". No formal introductions required. I'll be covering this weeks' edition of Sudden Impact, where it's ALL TNA, and not the political ass clowns from Connecticut.

    That being said, Ladies and Gents; Let's Get It On!!!!!

    The Opening

    Impact begins with an awesome video package recapping Bound ...

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  9. The Angry Wrestling Fan V.1: The Dead Man Stands Alone

    I'm Mad and I'ma Blog About It.


    Let's Skip The Pleasantries... I'm Megz (follow me on twitter: @KyngMegz). This Is My First Wrestling Blog But Not My First Blog In General. Get Used To Me. Obviously I'm a Wrestling Fan... But What You Might Not Know Is I'm Angry. I've Been Watching Wrestling Since The Tender Age Of Four Until Now As I Sit Here In My Late Twenties ...

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  10. Booking Ryback vs Punk - Do we need a swerve?

    Hi everyone, John here. Never did a blog before, but was bored and thought it would be fun to type out how I would book the Punk vs Ryback HITC match. Since the rumors are the WWE is struggling to decide what to do, I wanted to test my hand at it and see if their choice is as interesting as what I would like to see. Sorry for the length, but I hope you enjoy it.

    First of all, Ryback ...

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