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  1. Grading TNA's Booking of Every Roster Member Part 1

    In a previous post a while back I gave my thoughts on TNA's storylines at the time along with a grade but now I want to expand on that a bit. This time I am going to grade the company's use of every single active member of their roster and give a short blurb on the positive and negatives in the way they have been used in recent months along with some likely suggestions for improvement.

  2. A Dennis Blog -- Oh Hell NO!

    Welcome to this weeks edition of A Dennis Blog, OH HELL NO!!!
    Hey, it's Dennis again back for my second. I have to admit I didn't really know what to write about in this second blog but then I was reading some forum posts on this site about two of the greatest superstars in WWE, who just happen to be the tag team champions. As I am not afraid to stir the pot, I decided I would tell you why I ...
  3. Top 10 biggest moments in Trish Stratus WWE career.....

    To give some much needed love to in my opinion the greatest women's wrestler of all-time: Trish Stratus...decided to make a top 10 moments blog. This is because she is going into the Hall as well. Did the same with Foley in previous blog. How can you possibly break this down? I certainly listed these based on what I think meant most to Trish's career. I woudn't hate your list if you had them in a ...

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  4. STATE OF THE 'E: What's In A Name?

    Hello again my fellow bloggers and readers. Welcome back to the often imitated but never duplicated, STATE OF THE 'E!! I'm just going to get right into it becauseToday I'm going to be touching on a subject NOT as polarizing as The Rock (Which sparked some great discussion and it's much appreciated no matter what your opinion is.) winning the WWE Championship. No, no, no... this time, we'll be ...
  5. BLOG 2.0 Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

    Hello to all those bloggers out there my name is AussieFan and this is my first blog. These are my predictions and card on what i think will happen at Wrestlemania 29 everyone's giving there opinion so ill give mine. So sit back relax and enjoy the read.

    1- Singles match
    Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler
    Now what better way to set of Wrestlemania than with a match that could ...
  6. What to do with Taker for Mania

    This is my very first blog and I'm writing this because I think I have a great idea for The Undertaker to wrestle at Mania 29 without doing much work. We all know that Punk is going to lose to the Rock at EC so he figures into this equation. Whenever HHH comes back to Raw to avenge his father-in-law getting hurt by Brock he challenges him to aatch at Mania. Brock comes out with Heyman to answer HHH ...
  7. Coffee Talk: Let's Discuss This **Repost**

    Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here with a repost of Coffee Talk. There was a huge influx of blogs and Coffee Talk spent less than a day on the front page of the blog board. It didn't even have a chance to get read, so I figured I'd give it another go. Thank you to everyone who did read and had a chance to respond. I appreciate all the interaction. In case this happens again, I'd like to invite ...
  8. Deadsectors morgue- EC predictions and thoughts

    Welcome, layth the sujbect on the table we'll waste no time.

    pre-show- who gives a damn? Never watch the things myself.
    all other matches- Who gives a damn? I don't know how its possible, this is the time of year when fans should be getting pumped about Wrestlemania. Instead we're slogging our way through a road built so bad the romans wouldn't piss on it. I'm sorry, I love wrestling ...
  9. WWE just in general!

    First time blogger here!

    I have been a fan of WWE since i was 6 years old and i just turned 18 past Saturday, and in the past recent years i have seen many mid-card talents settling in to their mid-card role and not trying their heart out for a push. There is just no enthusiasm on the roster, they are all set in their ways, in the past, you had a large amount off superstars that fought ...
  10. Road to Wrestlemania 29: The Rock, Brock, and The Shock - Part 1

    Hello Boys & Girls,

    So the Elimination Chamber is this Sunday, and I see a lot of opportunity for the WWE to have a great month and a half leading to a well thought out, and fun Wrestlemania 29 PPV.

    Do I think what I propose in this blog post will happen??? Well No….maybe some of it....maybe none of it....but nonetheless I think it would make for compelling T.V. for ...

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