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  1. Top 5 wrestlemania opening matches

    Wrestlemania season is upon us, So My Top 5 list will revolve around Wrestlemania's. Today I'm ranking the Top 5 opening matches in Wrestlemania history.

    The Rules are simple, The match has to be the first match on the Wrestlemania PPV.

  2. Babyfaces vs. Heels: Why the WWE tends to favor the babyface?

    It's a forgone conclusion when it comes to getting pushed in the WWE. In the days of the TV-PG era, the babyface is usually the one who tends to be pushed more often than the heels. The reason of course is that babyface Superstars such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Ryback, and even Brodus Clay are getting more wins than their heel counterparts is very simple: the babyfaces are portrayed as superheroes. ...
  3. The Problem and Possible Solutions for the Divas

    Do you internet marks finally get it?

    Do people finally understand that WWE is a company desperate for consumer's money and attention? That they are only going to give opportunities to stars with interest, and how the Divas are not of any interest to the consumer? Wrestlemania is nigh & RAW is pulling off the best ratings possible. That means showing mostly segments that will certainly ...

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  4. 7 Tag Teams WWE Needs to Push NOW

    Since WWE teased us with a revival of the Tag Team Division only to run out of Tag Teams and fail to create new ones, I decided to revive the Division for them with 7 Tag Teams the WWE needs to push right now as serious contenders and legitimate Tag Teams.

    Also, these teams have to look alike, use tandem moves and absolutely cannot have "Team" in front of their name. No make
  5. A blast from the past - the IWC

    For my first blog here, I thought it would be interesting to look at us. Us, as in the Internet Wrestling Community. We always voice our opinions, and most of the time, think we are right! Let's check out what we have said before. It is fun and intriguing to see our opinions of the past, and how things really turned out.

    I have dived into the archives of the Internet, to pick out some ...
  6. Another WrestleMania 29 Predictions

    Welcome to Da Blog i will give my predictions and thoughts on what will go down at Metlife Stadium.

    Da BLOG: Presents Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

    Wrestlemania 29
    Metlife Stadium
    Attendance- 89,634

    Match 1- Singles Match
    Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler
    I think this is most likely going to happen i mean theirs not really that much going ...

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  7. Coffee Talk: Wrestlemania is Nearing, so what's going on?

    Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. We have a mere six weeks to go before Wrestlemania is upon us. I know a lot of people aren't overly excited about it. But my question would be, why? There are so many things to ponder about Wrestlemania and what's going to happen with certain people over the course of the next six weeks. But I'll tell you what. We have Jack ...
  8. Get it Together WWE

    Now, I will first give WWE props in that it had one of the best matches defintely this year (I know the year is still it is infancy) as well as over the last couple of years. Cena and Punk put on an instant classic! That match had everything in it that makes a great match compelling even with the outcome already pre-determined (you had to know Cena was winning). I will give Cena credit as he had ...
  9. It's Wrestlemani-YAWN

    So it's nearly that time of year again when we the "WWE Universe" (vomit, puke, boke) when we WRESTLING fans look forward to the biggest and supposesdly "best" wrestling card of the year, eagerly counting down the weeks til game day. And while I'm sure many of you are looking forward to the "showcase of the immortals" I for one am not.

    Lets be clear, the ...
  10. STATE OF THE 'E: Realistically Speaking

    This Wrestlemania season has been dragging like crazy. It's been an underwhelming build so far. We're under 50 days away and have been discussing it since Survivor Series. For what everyone is hoping for, I think 'Mania this year has full potential to suck. But again, I think it could be one of the greatest ever if done correctly as well.

    Obviously we're not going to get Attitude VS ...
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