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  1. STORYLINES: How To Build A Superstar

    I have some more ideas for this STORYLINES format for blogs, depending
    on the response I will put them out.

    This is about the storyline of making Shawn Michales a legit main
    eventer. His road to his first WWF Championship. It's about the booking and storylines used to get him to that level.

    The Back Story:

    Shawn became ...
  2. The Importance Of The Hardcore Title

    Hey guys, back with another blog after my Steve Blackman blog seemed to do pretty well (if you have read it, thank you) and obviously his later WWE career was based around the hardcore title so I decided my 2nd blog would be about that very thing.

    Back in the day, I dont think the Hardcore Title was seen as an important title, until they took it away. Sure, it was a title that mid carders ...
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  3. Re-booking history: Owen Hart in 1998

    Hello blog readers from coast to coast and all over the globe! I welcome yet another original edition of re-booking history! Like always, I will be putting my spin on past angles, feuds, and also wrestlers who I felt were incredibly misused. Today, I'm going to be booking Owen Hart in 1998 which was during the mid Attitude Era years. I'm going book Owen Hart step by step, putting him in feuds that ...

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  4. A look at Extreme Rules.

    Ok, so we all know its only a matter of weeks before another ppv spectacular offering from the WWE. Extreme Rules, possibly headlined by Brock Lesnar vs John Cena.

    In this blog i'm going to be talking about some of the more extreme WWE matches that have taken place in the company, so lets begin shall we?
    Now then, when you think of extreme only three letters come to mind. E..C..W, ...
  5. 2002: A Dynamic year in WWE - Part 1: January to April

    February 2001 ; ECW goes belly up.

    March 2001: Vince McMahon buys wCw and gains a monopoly on the business.

    2001 was the year the wheels began to come off. The loss of Triple H and Chris Benoit, two of their prime workers at that time, a failed heel turn for Stone Cold Steve Austin along with a failure of an angle called the Invasion were just the main things needed to ...
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  6. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWE history to have never won the belt: #10-6

    For #'s 20-16 & #15-11 check out my earlier posts.

    10. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
    Closest he ever came: Madison Square Garden, Oct. '81

    What can be said about the "The Hammer"? He is a wrestling legend with a storied career that can be matched by few others on this list. Valentine had two runs in the WWF, and his second run is far more ...
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  7. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWF history to have never won the belt: #15-11

    For the previous entry in this series, wrestlers 20-16, check out my member profile links.

    15. Ravishing Rick Rude
    Closest he ever came: SummerSlam, August '90

    Unlike many other of the names on this list, in relation to the waxing and waning of Hogan's runs with the belt, Rude's timing couldn't have been better. After making his debut with the company shortly after ...

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  8. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWF history to have never won the belt: #20-16

    Mike Mizanin, Jack Swagger and Sheamus - what do these names have in common? Aside from being charismatic, dynamic and talented superstars who have bright futures ahead of them, they're all premature "former" WWE world champions. It's staggering to look at how many names are now billed as "former world champs" in the WWE today. Consequently it had me looking back at a number of ...

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  9. WWF stopped being cool in 2001

    I have read a few blogs in the last few days that really have shed some realisation on what wwe, and wrestling really is today. It is entertainment, as it always has been.

    Rated_R(ob)KO and THE_CRIPPLER in particular have written really great blogs that reflect reflect what the wwe is about right now. CRIPPLER about the overall state of wwe and where they are/already have been moving ...

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