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  1. CM Punk DVD: Another outstanding WWE doc

    [FONT=Verdana]One thing I've been consistently happy with regarding WWE as of late have been their documentaries. From the great Shawn/Bret DVD to the awesome Stone Cold DVD to the wonderful Edge one, they've been really great in telling these compelling, fourth-wall-breaking stories. What I love about them is how real they are. They leave almost no stone unturned, aren't afraid to let people in ...
  2. Biggest moments in the history of TNA Bound For Glory!!

    A ppv that stands out in everyones mind among all others: Bound For Glory. No TNA ppv compares to it. Bound For Glory is TNA's Wrestlemania ppv event. The ppv began in October of 2005. Best ppv overall when you talk about up and down card: I'd probably say 2007 had the best. In any case, to provide hype to Bound For Glory of this years, decided to create a biggest moments list. This is my opinion, ...
  3. Ryback: Why the IWC has it all wrong

    When I hear the crowd mocking Ryback with "Goldberg" chants, I shake my head.

    When I read how Ryback can't cut a promo when he hasn't yet been given the chance, I die a little inside.

    Ok, maybe I was a little over dramatic on that last one. But nonetheless, characters like Ryback and the subsequent response by we, the IWC, has led me to perhaps give perspective ...

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  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    323 days. That’s how many days it’s taken me to see no future for CM Punk after he drops the WWE Championship.

    I cannot quite pinpoint it, but last night was the final knife in the coffin of CM Punk’s main event status once he drops his title. It might be the fact that WWE has desperately tried to get Punk booed, or it might be that his current rivalry with John Cena has grown stale ...
  5. The Devil Incarnate CM Punk

    CM Punk in IWA
    CM Punk a independent wrestling legend, who has left his mark in various companies such as Ring of Honor, and the IWA. CM Punk has been wrestling for many years, while Mankind was being tossed of cells Phil Brooks would adopt the name of CM Punk and would wrestle in backyard wrestling in a promotion along with friends called "Lunatic Championship Wrestling", little did ...

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  6. Introducing TNA new business model

    With recent actives in TNA wrestling as of Late I would like to discuss how there Pay-Per-View schedule should look for the year of 2012 and beyond. You will notice that I have subtracted the Pay-Per-Views that generate the lowest buyrate in the year. TNA now have a revamped Pay-Per-View schedule with eight events per hear which is a way better schedule to work off of also I would like to address ...
  7. WWE State Of The Union Adress PipeBomb Heard Around The World

    This is my very first blog here so bare with me as far as the spelling and wording and such goes this is just a small review of what I thought of raw hope you enjoy

    Vince McMahon and CM Punk Prom

    What a great way to bring back some ratting I am actulley looking forward to this match and the story-telling that will take place. Even better was the promo to set up the match great ...
  8. Kayfabe Q&A: BLK Jeez

    Height 5'7"
    Weight 170 lbs.
    Hometown: West Philly

    Did you watch wrestling as a kid? And if so, who were your favorites?

    Yes, I watched it ever since I was a kid. My all time favorite is Eddie ...

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  9. The Truth, the Whole truth, and Nothing but the Truth

    My second blog this time is all about the truth.

    K-Kwik in the WWF
    Ron Killings one of the most underrated African American wrestlers since his time as K-Kwik in the WWF. Ron Killings and Road Dogg before they where the 3 Live Kru in TNA, they were an upcoming that debuted in WWF rapping and performing Getting Ready in there entrance. During his first year in the WWF, Ron Killings ...

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  10. Talking Smack #1

    Welcome to Talking Smack #1. This is where I will be discussing the latest episode of Smackdown. There are a few blogs that focus on Raw, Impact, and even the Pay-Per-Views, but none that continually are dedicated to Smackdown. Here’s hoping that we change all that. There will be a learning curve for this as I try to see what works and what needs improvements. Let’s get in to it.
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