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  1. Three Champions in one night?!

    Last night saw not one, but two new WWE Champions crowned and the return of the biggest commodity in professional wrestling, CM Punk, to Monday Night RAW.

    It made for a great episode of RAW, and for once Cena being WWE Champion is interesting. Pretty much everything was in place and seemed relevant (if you excuse Michael Cole being put into a match, snore). Rey versus Miz was a great ...
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  2. The Eternal Feud That is: Smarks vs. Marks

    Hey everyone. This is my first ever attempt at writing one of these so apologies if it is hard to read or doesn't come across with fully coherent arguments. First and foremost, I would like to just say that I fully appreciate and respect people who find the time to write one of these columns pretty much every week. It truly is a testament to the wrestling business itself and the passionate fan base ...
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  3. WWE & TNA Underused Talent Episode #2

    So about 3 days ago I posted episode #1 of this blog series.
    I've heard some nice comments so I guess I'll keep'em coming
    Now allow me to remind everyone : Every episode I talk about 2 Underused Talents (WWE or TNA or Both). So without further adu let's meet our Underused Talents of the day

    Drew McIntyre :
    The sinister Scottsman, the man that was mentioned ...
  4. STATE OF THE 'E: The WWE Championship And What It Means To You

    I know I haven't had a blog in the last week or so but the thing is, I've been very busy. I've started A:



    [URL=""][/URL] ...
  5. 5 Unused talent of the WWE (my opinion)

    It's just annoys me when I watch RAW and Smackdown and see some same old and then I see Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder on Superstars! So without further adieu lets begin!

    1. Drew McIntyre
    I'm starting with what is the most annoying mis-use of talent! He has the look, he has the moves, he has the talk but yet he's a simple jobber for Mark Henry and Big Show! Give him a ...

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  6. The Company Champion: Just HOW untouchable is he?

    The WWE IWC has been a buzz lately. With CM Punk appearing at indie shows and Comic Con, people are wondering how long this story will go on for; is CM Punk still under contract, and what can he do before it becomes a legal/discipline problem. Most people seem to think this story is part of HHH's master plan as new onsite/TV authority figure to allow Vince a lighter load. For the most part, Punk doesn't ...
  7. Our Love/Hate Relationship with The Miz

    Recently Miz has come under some "criticism" and why you might ask well lets begin!

    Many people including myself were very excited of the future of the Miz after he won money in the bank a year ago. He was a young cocky star whose move-set wasn't the best and relied on striking his opponent but he had an ace in the hole being that he could cut great promos. In 2010 he held ...
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  8. The current state of world WRESTLING entertainment

    Over the last several weeks alot has changed in wwe.

    THE shoot promo!

    VKM has been "relieved" of his duties

    The wwe champion "doesn't" work for the company

    We have two money in the bank winners

    A new world heavyweight champion

    And a consistent reminder of the mainia 28 main event
  9. The best WWE stars to debut on WWECW (ECW Sci-Fi)

    Hey guys, Knox here. I'm bloggin about the best stars to debut on WWE's watered down version of ECW. Now even though the WWE's concept of ECW was different, I think the WWE found some great new stars with the new talent initiative.

    Before we get things started. Guys please view my song. I sent my song to the WWE to be used for Night of Champions or Daniel Bryan's theme music. The ...

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  10. CM Punk and his leaving WWE.

    I love this new storyline that they are running with CM Punk, with winning the title and then confronting HHH at Comic-Con. I don't think it gonna go like this for long though. I believe after his 90 day no compete clause is up, you will see Punk hit other companies. Now I don't see him going to TNA, but I do believe he will show up in RoH and NJPW. This will help bring back notariety to the title ...
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