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  1. Adding Up the Dollars - TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 Preview

    Believe it or not, TNA has a PPV tomorrow. I know, I know everyone is too busy paying attention to the CM Punk and John Cena angle and completely forgot about it. Don’t feel bad, I forgot too.

    This is a debut column that I’m going to start doing for every PPV. The purpose is to see if the PPV is worth buying or not worth buying. The way I am going to figure that out is simple: ...
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  2. Realistic Wrestlemania 28 card

    Hello IWC this is my first blog on here and like alot of others i wanted to make my own wrestlemania 28 card, i wanted to do mine realistically so you might not like all of it, kind of like every card haha, hope you enjoy

    Dark Match: 20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
    Alex Riley vs Drew McIntyre vs Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne vs David Otunga vs Kofi Kington vs Mason Ryan ...
  3. STATE OF THE 'E: The Streak

    Now... there's a LOT of talk about WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII already... no, not about The Rock VS. John Cena but, about something else... the fabled "Streak" of the UnderTaker. MANY a Superstar have fallen to the Deadman at "The Grandest Stage Of All". 19 to be exact and he has never lost at the big dance. There have been a few times "The Streak" was in jeopardy but not fully. ...

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  4. Wrestlemania 28 card

    Hello to the IWC. I've seen a few Wrestlemainia Cards on the Blogs here so thought I would try one of my own. I am a first time blogger, but intend to do some more in the future so any feedback is welcome. This is how I would run my Wrestlemania 28 in Miami.

    Enrique Englesias to sing 'America the Beautiful'

    Stay with me, I know its cheesy, but he's a Miami boy and WWE ...

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  5. What the WWE truly needs

    What's up everyone? This is longtime EWN browser and lifetime WWE fan (and superstar of the Smackdown videogames) kingez, aka Zac Funari (you may have seen me post in the comment sections before). The purpose of this blog is to share my opinion on what the WWE truly needs to be awesome again. I'm a wrestling fan, so I like the wrestling product no matter how crappy creative has gotten. And lately ...
  6. Triple H & John Cena - The Ultimate Put-Overs

    Hey guys hope all is well. I'm blogging today about Triple H & John Cena. Everytime people bring Cena & Triple H's name up I hear the same crap. They hog the spotlight, they never put anyone over and blah blah blah. Thats the total opposite. If you take a look at history Triple H & John Cena have put more people over than greats like Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, ...
  7. Was That A Poot? Blog 1: Making Wrestling Believable Again

    Okay guys this is my first blog here on ewrestlingnews, so have patience with me as I get used to posting here. My name is James and I'm from Alabama (insert dueling banjo's them here) but for entertainment purposes I go by Poot-Hair. Why Poot-Hair you ask? It's a long story full of crying and snot wiping. Let's just say it took alot of soap to wash the dirt.....and poo off my soul. With that ...
  8. WWE Drops The Ball With Gail Kim!

    You read the title. You know where this is going. Fasten your seatbelts.

    Well, it's that time of the year again where WWE does its spring (or in this case summer) cleaning and cuts some loose fat from the roster. The fat that got cut this year (so far at least) is Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, DH Smith, Melina, and one that really hit home for me, Gail Kim. Now the sad thing is -- ...

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  9. Time for some WWE Stable-ity

    Stables. Factions. Gangs. Cliques. Crews.

    Whatever you want to call them, they are everywhere. Whether it be in the film industry with Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller’s troupe of actors that appear with each of them respectively in virtually every movie they appear in, to the music industry with the whole G-Unit circle of rappers. With that said, why is it that, in the business of wrestling, ...
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  10. Thoughts, comments observations?

    Dark Match Alex Riley vs Ziggler (lumberjack match)

    Every year two worthy superstars get left out at the big stage, these are two wrestlers I was forced to demote to Pre-show.

    This is the Wrestlemania 28 I would pitch for given the chance. It is feasible, and would help establish the rising stars of the youth movement.

    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz (WWE championship) ...

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