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  1. undertaker vs. hhh

    has anyone else noticed that wwe has not brought up the fact that triple h has lost to taker before at wrestlemania 17? i'm curious to hear from anyone as to why this may be as i have not a clue. i think it could have been used as a good part of mind games on takers part against triple h. also triple h is the 3rd person taker has faced for a second time at 'mania. why do they have him face people ...
  2. WWE: Victory Conditions and Efforts

    Since I mostly watch just WWE, I don't normally make criticisms or remarks about TNA or ROH, however I have seen enough matches in general to know this is a across the board thing, but I'll be using WWE examples.

    Today I'm talking about victory conditions and efforts, or in lamins terms things like Clean finishes, Dusty Finishes, and Valiant Efforts. Does a "Clean Finish" ...
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  3. A few things that need to be changed in WWE

    Today, im going to list a couple things i see wrong with the WWE.

    1.Entrance music- Sheamus-mainstream rock song, doesnt match his character, you supposed to be booing the shit outta this guy! To bad you cant hear it because of the entrance radio. the list goes on.

    the miz- again, we are supposed to be booing this guy, yet its almost impossible with his music
  4. The Grand Slam and Triple Crown: Forgotten Achievements in Wrestling?

    First, I'm a fan of stats in wrestling, so this may not apply to those that don't like meaningless trivia such as I do but I do miss the facts when commentators used to mention the past accomplishments of wrestlers. These stats gave great insight on not just the wrestler but the prestige of the titles and accomplishments. Ever since JR and Matt Striker have been taken off commentary for the main shows, ...
  5. And I quote - a week in the WWE

    Well the final edition of Monday Night Raw is upon us ahead of what is being built up to be the biggest Wrestlemania to date. Therefore it looks like we're heading for the busiest week in the WWE calendar. This is going to be the week where all of the loose ends are tied up ahead of 'Mania', the week of finalisation ahead of 'the big one'.

    The 21/3/2011 edition of Raw saw the Orton/Punk ...
  6. WWE: In Search for a New Superstar

    “In WWE’s Search for a New Star, Everyone’s a winner…Not really” by Derron Browning
    If you have been a fan of wrestling at least since 2002, you have seen many “searches for the next WWE superstar” (see Tough Enough, NXT, WWE Diva Search, etc.) and what do we get? We get the exact same result; we get a few stars that are really good, some that make you wonder “how did they ...

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  7. WrestleMania Road to Success or Failure?

    Hey Splashers! We are just one week away to WrestleMania! For those of you who like Wallpapers I made my very own HHH vs Undertaker Wallpaper. It's no Kupy, but I'm working on it. Check the bottom of the blog for the thumbnail. Alright, lets get to it!

    WrestleMania! Throughout its 3 shy-decade of a legacy it has been called many things: “The Grandeur”, “The Spectacle”, “The ...

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  8. Dream Announce Team for Raw & Smackdown?

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I've been looking at the Raw & Smackdown team and it is definitely lackluster to say the least. I love all the current announcers but some of them clearly should not be together and maybe mixed up with a few additions.

    Now keep in mind these are my dream announce teams I'm about to write. Not sure they all can possibly go down seeing as some aren't ...
  9. March 27th 2011, Jonny 3:16

    Now, a few weeks ago if I wrote this I would probably say this has been the best build up for a Wrestlemania I can remember. Unfortunately it has tailed off since. Maybe I'm nit picking as WWE has been on top of it's game for quite some time. The highlight that sticks in my mind recently is the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match a few months back, which is a contender for Match of the Year. Well ...
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  10. Wrestlemania 27. As it stands...

    WWE Championship
    The Miz (c) vs John Cena
    The 'Awesome' has come a long way from his debut as a Tough Enough competitor back in 2004. Since then, he has racked up an impressive resume including United States, Tag team, Money in the Bank, and WWE Championships. Defeating a number of top superstars on his journey, Miz has proven to the world that he can hang with the best of them. Headlining ...

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