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  1. The 'Shawn Michaels effect' Then and Now

    With The Miz and A-Ri falling out after Over the Edge Pay Per View, wrestling hot sheets anticipating the eventual and planned back stabbing of Ted DiBiase Jr. to Cody Rhodes, after just reuniting after the draft, and a new manager for Tyson Kidd every week, my thoughts on these events keep causing me to think back to the early 90s and the now famous break-up of The Rockers. Since I am new to this ...
  2. SYDNEY TOUR - Review 1st July 11

    Hey Guys just an overview of the First Australian show put on from the WWE LIVE TOUR: - Sydney July 1st 2011 Show.
    I’d say the Sydney ACER arena was pretty sold out, Compared to smackdown tour the year before it was absolutely packed. 1 section of the very very very top was tarped but other than that the entire arena was practically full 9-10,000 people and the crowd were very hyped ...

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  3. Why the hate for the Rock?

    Im not sure why but everyone seems to be hating on the rock lately. As a rocky fan I cant understand the reason for it

    Cena I think is just saying stuff to promote the match and his interviews that provoked the rock as mentioned by rocky when he returned were done at the insistence of Vince in order to get what we now have the rock back in wwe.

    I mean dont get ...

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  4. #3: Guns don't kill people, water bottles do.

    I've wanted to post this for ages now but keep forgetting to get around to it, then I forgot what I wanted to name it so I'm just going to settle on this.

    There are also spoilers lower down in this blog. I'll be sure to try and point them out for anyone reading that doesn't want to know any.

    For anyone whose read the two other blog entries before (#1 is here and #2 is ...
  5. Is CM Punk "Poster Boy Material"?

    I'm sure many people are still hyped from Punk's promo that he had cut on this past Monday Night RAW. Now that Punk has broken through with this promo, this gives CM Punk fans more incentive to say "he's the best and should be the poster boy of the WWE". But what does it take to be a poster boy of the WWE? And is CM Punk really "WWE Poster Boy Material"?

    In my opinion, ...

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  6. Randy orton too big for his boots?

    This is my first blog so if i make mistakes (which is very likely) dont be too hard on me. I am not a hater of randy or a fan in fact im not really affected by him either way be it face or heel which is a poor reflection on the guy as the one thing a 'superstar'should strive towards is a reaction be it negative or positive such as john cena...he gets both at the same time funnily enough, zack ryder ...
  7. Realistic changes to the tag team division

    It’s no secret to anyone who has been watching WWE programming for the past 3 years, but the tag team division as it is currently represented is a terrible division. For a company who once showcased the best tag teams, and got behind the tag team belts as a valued prize to be won, the current position they are in is woeful. The tag belts are currently held by a set of joke champions, whose ...
  8. Why a Cryme Tyme return might save the WWE Tag Team Division

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I was recently think about some of the most memorable tag-teams the past five years. Since 2006 I could only come up with Cryme Tyme.

    I was thinking about how much they added to the program both for Raw & Smackdown. They were an amazing team that never won the Tag-Team titles which is beyond me.

    WWE Tag Team Champs During The Cryme ...

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  9. My Report from a TNA live event!!!

    Hello folks, I am just getting the chance to write about the Impact Wrestling event I went to last Saturday from Troy Ohio{6-25-11} here is the match listing and results
    Jermey Buck vs Max Buck vs Alex Shelly vs Robbie E with Cookie...Alex Shelly wins
    Mickie James vs Madyson Rane....Mickie James wins
    Abyss vs Kazarion for X division title....Abyss wins
  10. CM Punk is a D-Bag!!!!!

    Well Punk's Raw rant was probably the single most shocking thing I've ever seen, it was something I hit rewind on and watched again....My thing is, {and i know that anyone reading this along with the rest of the IWC will hate me for saying this} I found it disgusting, unprofessional, and i dont think there is any room for that in wrestling, especially not the WWE. {even if it was a work} If i wanted ...

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