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  1. The Punk: Royal Rumble Review

    Hey everyone! Punk here with a review of the polarising Royal Rumble event.

    The Royal Rumble event has been a favourite event for many wrestling fans since it's inception back in 1988. The build up to Wrestlemania, the unpredictable nature of the eponymous battle royal and even, like this year, a high profile title match. The Rock has returned to challenge long time champion CM Punk ...
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    Anybody who happens to follow me on Twitter (probably after seeing me plug my account on a weekly basis) will know I was far from happy at the way this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view ended. It was a great PPV, I refuse to take that away from it since every match was good and the Royal Rumble match was awesome, but it did far too much to set the main event of WrestleMania XXIX in stone. ...
  3. The Understandable Fickleness of the Modern Era Fan

    Hi again all,

    I don’t often write blogs or comment on many threads as I am customarily happy with reading the thoughts and views of others. However sometimes I actually get an idea/thought/argument in my head that I feel the need to narcissistically put in to words. By no means am I abdicating myself from the following critique, in all honesty I am perhaps as big a hypocrite as anyone ...

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  4. STATE OF THE 'E: Long Term Effects Of Quick Fixes

    Welcome everyone to another edition of STATE OF THE 'E! I wish it were a positive and upbeat one but unfortunately I am not in the state of mind to provide you with that. I'm very pissed off. I understand The Rock being back "means something" to VKM but what does it mean to me? Horse shit.

    I'm sick and tired of VKM not relying on the people that are breaking their back for the ...
  5. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Royal Rumble Thoughts and Quick Results

    Hey guys. I am here to share with you my thoughts on what transpired at Royal Rumble and part of its aftermath. I hope you all enjoy.

    - The Rock def. CM Punk to become the NEW WWE Champion
    - John Cena won the 30 Man Royal Rumble match
    - Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show in a Last Man Standing match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
    - ...
  6. The Many Different WM29 Scenarios

    As much as I want to do my own predictions for WrestleMania 29, I thought it would be better to list different scenarios for each match. But we'll start with the obvious ones.

    Most likely to happen.

    The Rock(c) vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)
    - Based on the Rumble Results, this has about a 95% of happening. The remaining 5% would be a triple threat involving CM Punk.
  7. After the Rumble: What Happens Next?

    Following on from the Royal Rumble I thought I would discuss the options of where the WWE is going to go next on the road to Wrestlemania.

    Firstly, let me say I have nothing against the Rock at all and actually enjoyed the match last night and don't mind him being WWE Champion but I do feel it has already cheapened Wrestlemania as we all know the Rock is not going to stick around long ...

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  8. Less Royal for your Rumble

    So the road to Wrestlemania has officially begun..except in this case that may not be such a positive statement. After last nights Royal Rumble, one has to question what Wrestlemania is going to look like. Our World Heavyweight champion is more of a latino hero than a wrestler, our WWE champion is (in my opinion) a washed up wrestler who was not exactly perfect in his prime, with a spotlight-grabbing ...
  9. Do You Really Want To See The Rock vs. John Cena II at WM 29?

    That's not just a title, blog readers. That's a legitimate question. Oh, and please don't give me that old and tired act of, "it's good for business and it will make money" cause that's something I would expect a WWE employee to say. If I was getting paid by WWE, I wouldn't give a rats ass if it was hornswoggle vs. the Great Khali in the main event of Wrestlemania. But guess what? I'm not ...

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  10. DanHero's Royal Rumble Review.

    I always watch the pay-per-view with the same group of people, my girlfriend and two of my friends. Last night was the first time we all just sat in silence when the pay-per-view ended, and not in the good kind. Let’s just go straight into this.

    Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:

    Okay so the biggest problem I have here is that this match happened ...
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