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  1. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Top 5 NXT Stars who I think would make it on the Main Roster

    Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am back with another opinion of mine. Again, just like my last entry, this was requested. If you have a good enough topic about WWE, TNA or NXT ONLY, then I would be more than happy to talk about it. Just send it to me via message or comment them on a post. For now, here is my opinion on the Top 5 NXT Stars who I think could make it on the main roster. I hope you ...
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  2. Vanity Blog: The return

    Yes. After a long time the guy who seems to get decent ratings on his blogs and do well in Wrestlingfans blog wars (And Olympic special) has returned!

    He will now talk about something no-one else on EWN has ever brought up before and raise certain thoughts in your mind that may question the ground you think you walk on.

  3. TNA BFG Series

    Its the time of year when tna builds towards bound for glory with the bfg series. Now personally this is one of my favorite ideas thought up by tna, the only flaw is not televising all the matches but thats me and my opinion.

    Now qualifiers for the series are just starting on t.v but who's gonna be the one to get the shot this year?

    Now A.J Styles has been rumored to be an ...
  4. Summerslam 2013

    Attachment 4676

    Hey everyone it's me Lord Cookie and since my Money In The Bank card got a good feedback, iv'e decided to continue making dream-cards/ predictions. Have fun reading and rate this Blog!


    pre show:
    The Miz Vs. Christian
    On the Raw after money in the bank, Miz fights Bray wyatt. Miz wins after the Skull crushing ...
  5. The Coulter Coalition

    This week on Raw Zeb Coulter was forced on to the commentary table as Swagger was absent. Zeb Coulter has a ton of potential that the WWE has not activated yet. But with Heyman guys taking main events and dominatating the WWE, we need another full force manager. But with a full force manager, you need a full force team.

    1.Jack Swagger
    No need to explain as Coulter got his start ...
  6. Top 5 Wrestling Entrance Themes

    It seems wrestlers entrance theme’s nowadays don’t have the impact of 10-15 years ago, with so many of them now sounding like some indie band-esque bland, generic stuff. A good theme for me is one that strikes the crowd from the first second and lets them know instantly who the wrestlers. Of course other people tastes differ but here are for me the top 5 favourite entrance themes.
  7. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - The Future of the Wyatt Family

    Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! For those of you who did not see my previous post, I am taking requests off others on what to write about. Please, if you have any requests, message them to me or tell me in the comments section of my post. I will write them down and do my best to come up with something to write about it. I posted a Reader's Survey sometime last night and it got a few comments but ...

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  8. WWE should NOT turn Daniel Bryan heel!


    I have a certain fear right now. I've had this fear for quite some time and it's been a fear I've tried numerous times to ignore. But, no matter how much I try, it keeps gnawing at the back of my skull. So, I felt the need to make this blog in order to do away with this gnawing sensation and express my fear. A fear surrounding a certain wrestler by the name of Daniel Bryan. ...

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  9. Ranking The Streak: 14-8

    So on Sunday I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a year now. Buy Undertaker: The Streak 4 Disc DVD. As I was watching these 9 hours of matches I thought, "You know what would be fun? Ranking each Wrestlemania match." So that's exactly what I did. I know that CM Punk vs. Undertaker wasn't on this DVD but don't worry, I went to Youtube and watched the match. A lot of criteria ...
  10. Coffee Talk: Miss Opportunities???

    Hey fans, DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. I read an awesome blog from a returning Darkside Ronnie Garvin, about some IWC ideas dying and how everyone blames bad booking because they didn't get their way. It's a hard one to top as he pretty much nailed it on the head. And I'm not taking a shot at anyone as I'm just as guilty. Be that as it may, I'm going to point out a ...

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