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  1. The 5 Greatest Rematches in Wrestling History

    Today we will look at the greatest Rematches in Wrestling history, Matches that were better the 2nd time around. Some times you see a match between 2 men and it blows you away, then they have a Rematch, You Think No way they can live up to the standards of their first match but they go out and top it. These are rematches to Great classic matches that surpass the orginal.


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  2. The 5 Most Disappointing Big Time Matches in Wrestling History Part 2

    1. Hulk Hogan vs Sting Starcade 1997
    Say what you want. Talk about Flairs vs Steamboats, Flairs vs Hogans and all the NWA and WCW matches that has come to pass, This match was set to be the biggest match in NWA/WCW history.... This match was built 1 year in advance, Its was the cumulation to the WCWs biggest storyline (maybe the biggest storyline ...
  3. The 5 Most Disappointing Big Time Matches in Wrestling History Part 1

    This Blog is dedicated to anticipated Big Time matches that disappointed or didnt live up to standereds. Matches we thought were going to Change the face of wrestling or set a new standered but end up being a embarressment, Matches we thought would always be remembered but now we like to just forget them, Dream matches that turned out to be Nightmares, anticipated rematches that resembeld nothing ...

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  4. Future Ridiculous Gimmicks - Reinventing the cartoon era with relevance

    Who has a piece in their heart for the cartoon era? I do. Anybody born in the 80's definitely does, I don't know so much about people after that, but by now I'm sure people have had ample coverage provided by that saviour of wrestling, Youtube!

    The Attitude era changed wrestling forever. It was a supremely awesome time to be a wrestling fan but it has made things a little too serious, ...

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  5. WWE Raw Walkout is More Compelling than "Occupy Wall St."

    Much media attention has been given to the protests over lack of jobs and "corporate greed" labeled Occupy Wall Street. Like the protest itself, some of this attention is legitimately warranted, while a lot of it is manufactured. Garnering virtually no attention from the traditional media, however, was another protest over jobs, working conditions, and an unresponsive corporation; the ...

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  6. Top Five Tag Teams I'd Like To See in the WWE

    Hey guys! My third-ever blog. Throw a party.
    Okay, here are ten teams that I'd love to see in the WWE.

    5. Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan
    I think these two would be a really interesting duo, because it's been a while since we've seen a team of purely strength-based competitors. I also think Sheffield's charisma could take him far in the 'E once he returns from that ankle ...
  7. WWE Classics On-Demand

    Hey guys Knox here. I think this is the one blog topic that can't possibly draw one negative comment lol. In all seriousness this isn't much of a blog. This is sort of me plugging WWE's On Demand program which is something I think every true wrestling fan should order. This product is top notch amazing for only 8-10 bucks a month depending on who your cable provider is.

    Let me just ...

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  8. Best Real life Wrestling Brawls

    I am listing the top 6 real life fights between that happened between wrestlers. Comment on what you think of my choices and if I missed anything.

    6. Scott Steiner vs DDP
    During the final days of WCW, there was reportedly heat between the two wrestlers, due to DDP's wife, Kimberly Page, accusing ...
  9. Top 10 Tag Team Single's Stars

    Hey guys. Today I'm blogging on the stars that came from tag teams or had a history of being in a tag team. Tag Teams are a top topic of discussion today in all wrestling. Like Jim Ross said, "The goal of a tag team is to find a star to spin off from that tag team and make it to star status".


    10. Dolph Ziggler - The Spirit ...

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  10. Unified: WWE and World Heavyweight Championship and Limit to one Title?

    There has been talk throughout the internet wrestling community that WWE should unify both WWE and World Heavyweight Championship to make the title more important and prestigious. I thought I'd give an indepth analysis on the situation and whether or not it's a good idea to unify both titles.

    Looking at the rosters and the wrestlers who are currently being booked into the world title ...

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