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  1. Current Feuds That Need Some Juice

    Lets take a look at a couple feuds that need a little more juice to be entertaining. Something seems to be missing, lets try to figure out what that is.

    Sheamus vs Sandow
    What’s the point of this anyway? This feud started a few weeks ago but it has ever really taken off. I think partly because the crowd could care less for either performer. Sheamus has hit a plateau ...
  2. What i learnt this week: The last straw for Kofi?

    It was Ryback's attack on Kofi Kingston during last week's edition of Smackdown in which he smashed Kofi through a series of tables that got me thinking - perhaps this incident at the hands of the machine-like Ryback could be the final straw for Kofi. And when i say 'final straw' i mean in the sense that maybe it's time that Kofi turned heel.

    For a guy who debuted into the mainstream ...
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

    This week’s Raw ended with Ryback stood over the prone body of John Cena, but Monday night was about anything but the Three Stages of Hell match coming at Payback. It was the night Daniel Bryan showed the WWE Universe and, more importantly, Vince McMahon & Co. that he is the most over superstar WWE has right now.

    Not only did Bryan steal the show, but ...
  4. WWE's eyes and ours.

    Hey peeps and meeps, I'm FellaMeep and I'm here to talk about how the WWE see's wrestling and their talent, as well as how WE the watcher see's them.

    Now this is gonna be a kinda brief blog, I hope you accept my opinions on it and I hope you enjoy the read. Thanks for reading

    So right now, as far as I see, People be hating on WWE for things that we feel is not right. A ...
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  5. Deadsector's morgue- WWE VS TNA

    Hey all. It's been a long time. Now this blog ins in response to Speezy88's blog titled "WWE vs TNA one night only battle of the brands" I liked his blog but felt he had too many tag matches and didn't tell us his match types for each match. Leaving that aside I think he did a great job and i thought I'd give it a try. So this is my WWE vs TNA PPV. SOOOOOOOOOO... Layth the subject on the ...

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  6. A letter to Vince McMahon

    Valladolid, Spain
    5th June 2013.

    Dear Mr. McMahon:

    I'm a WWE fan who regularly watches the product, and would like to take the chance to address an issue that's been happening all around WWE programming.

    I'm aware that I am what it is generally known as an Internet Wrestling Community (IWC from now on) member. The reputation those members ...
  7. Raw 6-3-13 Hits and Misses

    In here I will give an overall score for Raw and what I thought the hits and misses were in my opinion.

    Overall Score: 7.5


    McMahon Segment: I liked how this kicked off the show last night. We got to see a rare appearance from not one, but two McMahons. I also liked how they took the Triple H storyline and put into play the fact that they are a family and ...
  8. WWE & TNA presents: One Night Only BATTLE OF THE BRANDS

    Okay so I was checking the site this morning and I sometimes read the blogs that people post up. I saw a post earlier this morning which was like a two sentence blurb, and some matchups of WWE vs TNA guys…and that was it! No explanations of why he chose whom versus whom, no setup for this, NOTHING!!! So I just thought this is so horrible that someone should do something about it. So I decided that ...

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  9. how i would write the wwe title picture story line until summerslam

    This starts the night after payback, Cena still champ after defeating ryback 2-1, ryback pins cena, cena puts ryback through table and in ambulance...

    Next night on Raw:
    Cena starts the show giving his whole the champ is here speech... nee naw nee naw... ambulance turns up and ryback limps to the ring and gives the whole speech how cena never pinned him and got lucky and he pinned ...
  10. Turning the corner. WWE's journey to finally bringing Indy talent alive.

    First blog so I hope you guys don't shoot me down, I plan on writing a lot on here and this stuff is just my opinion. Here we go.

    I am thirty one and I cannot remember a time I did not watch wrestling, I have always been a fan of the 80's and early 90's wrestling. Never a huge fan of the Attitude era as I was more of a WCW/NwO fan back then.

    The last few years I have grown ...
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